So I worked all day yesterday learning how to use Drupal. At the end I deleted it all and am starting over. This is now an easy 1 2 3 kind of thing. There is a lot of work to making your own website. Today I am going to switch over to “Joomla”. Its another … [Read more…]

Spring Break

Looks like Colby will be here some time this afternoon. He is staying till thursday then busing back to Kamloops for Bob’s B-day on friday. We will be going to mom and dad’s for dinner today. I also talked to Matthew this morning and it looks like he will be moving in with us at … [Read more…]

A different part of me

Just something that I have been working on…. Well excuse me if I break my own heart,After all it is mine.You made me feel this need to cry,And I cried for you.Oh rainy dayDon’t follow meCause I’m here my baby boy.I go walking under a paper moon.And my eyes are made of crystals,these tears I … [Read more…]