Sleepy Duncan


So I worked all day yesterday learning how to use Drupal. At the end I deleted it all and am starting over. This is now an easy 1 2 3 kind of thing. There is a lot of work to making your own website. Today I am going to switch over to “Joomla”. Its another program to design websites. Hopefully this will be a bit easier.

I forget to say happy birthday yesterday to my niece. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
And today is my nephew’s birthday, hope you have a fun day. Tomorrow we will see the family at my brother’s place for father’s day. Should be a nice day.

Moving to a new web space

I am moving to a new website soon. Gregg and I have bought our own domain and are building everything.It will be about a week or so before I switch over.After the move all my posts will be at the new site.This blog will still be here for a few months till everyone has updated to the new site.
I will post the new website as soon as its ready.

Ladies lunch was fun. Cant wait till the next one.I would post pics but my camera wasn’t working.

Alma Salsera – Amazing!

Spring Break

Looks like Colby will be here some time this afternoon. He is staying till thursday then busing back to Kamloops for Bob’s B-day on friday. We will be going to mom and dad’s for dinner today. I also talked to Matthew this morning and it looks like he will be moving in with us at the end of the month. I think this will be a good move on his part. Its not going to be easy living together in a space only meant for us two. But we will make it work.

So my next few days will be busy with Colby and then busy with making room for Matt.

A different part of me

Just something that I have been working on….

Well excuse me if I break my own heart,
After all it is mine.
You made me feel this need to cry,
And I cried for you.
Oh rainy day
Don’t follow me
Cause I’m here my baby boy.
I go walking under a paper moon.
And my eyes are made of crystals,
these tears I cry for you.
And the skies are blue,
and no one can take the smile God’s given you.

Its not finished yet. Anyone want to add to it? see what becomes of this poem?

Not much

Sleep and more sleep

I guess you are all wondering where I am these days, well I am sleeping. I’ve been self-medicating for the pain in my leg and catching up on sleep. Been spending most of this week in bed. I think I am turning into a vampire. I can’t sleep at night and during the day I have no trouble falling asleep. So I must be a vampire. I wonder who bit me? and when and where? hmmmm…..
Will I be drinking blood soon? Or am I going to be a fruit eating vamp? What ever happens just remember I am still me.
Hopefully I’ll be online tomorrow and feeling better.

Monday’s Bra Party

We started the day off with lunch at Kelsey’s in Langley. I didn’t eat much since there wasn’t much on the menu for me. We all showed up except for Cynthia who wasn’t feeling well. Lunch took a bit of time. We had to wait for the waitress to figure out the bills. Then we were off to Lucy’s house. We followed her and got lost…LOL. But we finally made it there after taking the wrong turn.
Once we were there the coffee was already brewed and smelling great. We organized all the bras by the fireplace.
As you can see there were lots of them. There was 40 of them.

We all tried some on. At first I only found one that fit. Most of them were small sizes. So I thought that none would fit me. So I had a coffee and relaxed. I then decided that I would try some more on just to see if any others would fit. Lucky me I got 8 out of the pile of 40. They were all different sizes and brands so I guess they were all made slightly different. I am very happy with my selection. I thanked mom a bunch. Since these would have cost on average 30 or more dollars each. Some of them were very pretty and others very plain, but all were nice.
Once that was all done we headed back home. It was nice to come again.
I showed Gregg my treasures and he was more than happy have me model them…hehehe.
After than I spent the rest of the day laying in bed relaxed my stupid leg. 😛