Wheat Free

Since Christmas I have been eating wheat free. Why? Well, I am allergic to wheat..duh!  I have known this for a few years now, but I have been doing ok with small amounts. My allergist told me that when my allergy flares up all I need to do is avoid that item for 3 months. After that I can add it back into my diet.

The first time I did it, I could eat wheat for about a year after that. Now it flared up in August, but I didnt really thing about it being an allergy. I should have gone through my “bad” list. Instead I went to the doctor and he gave me Zantac for the itchy rash I had developed(remember how itchy I was). The pills helped with the itchiness. Just before Christmas I realized I couldnt eat anything with wheat in it. I would get such a bad tummy ache and I would feel awful all over. My body was ill and trying to reject the wheat.

It’s been almost a month with no wheat and I feel so much better. I stopped taking the Zantac about 8 days ago and no itchiness! So I thought I would have popcorn on Thursday evening. Big mistake. Corn is also on my bad list. Seems I cant have popcorn. My tummy got upset and by morning my IC had flared up. Looks like I will be leaving corn off my diet for 3 months.

Anyways, yesterday we went to Vancouver. Gregg had a dentist appointment. After that we went to Choices food store just off 16th ave. It just so happens that Gregg found out that they have a Rice Bakery. Since he didnt bring the address with him we ended up at Choices only. We needed to drive one more block down the road. Oh well. Choices had stuff too.

I got some Rice bread and rice butter tarts,poppy seed lemon cake and a carrot muffin. I nommed the muffin this morning and it was good! I bought some rice flour, but when I got home I thought about it and figured out that I can make my own rice flour. I have mom’s grain  mill. I’m going to try it out later today.

So here is what I got.

Karin's Camera - 0119-2

Karin's Camera - 0120-2

Karin's Camera - 0121-2

Karin's Camera - 0122-2

Karin's Camera - 0124-2

Muffin not shown since I nommed it already.

Pink Shirt Day

M.R.I. & I.C.

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BCImage via Wikipedia

We are home. I just climbed out of the tub. My I.C. started at noon. 🙁 I was stressed out about doing the M.R.I. Normally I dont have a problem doing any of these scans but the minute I was inside the tube I freaked out. I felt like I couldnt breathe. So I was taken out and I relaxed, closed my eyes and went back in. I kept my eyes closed the whole time. I knew that if I opened them I would see how close the walls were and I would want out again. It took about 30 minutes and it was done. I’ll get the results in about a week. So that tiny bit of stress started up all this pain. Stupid, I know.

After that we drove into Vancouver. Went to Kitsilano beach and had a snack. Watched all the day camp kids playing in the water. Reminds me of when I was a kid in the summers and how we used to go to day camps. Not because we had to, we just went along for the fun. Back then we would go to the Sunset community center and hang out and do stuff for free.

After that beach we drove down the road and stopped at Jericho Beach for a few minutes and then drove all the way down to UBC and then back to downtown. We parked under Pacific Center and  we headed for a quick drink at the food court. Then I went to H&M while Gregg went to the Apple Store. I saw many items I wanted to buy, but the line up for the fitting rooms and the cashiers were at least a dozen or more people each. Maybe next time. My I.C. was getting bad by this time. I walked out of the store and told Gregg I needed a drink and to relax for a bit.

We grabbed a cold drink and headed back to the car. I had taken my pills when we arrived at the mall, but they werent helping. We decided I needed to get home. When it hurts this much there is nothing I can really do. I just want any clothes that are touching me to be removed and to have a warm bath.

So now we are home and Gregg is making some bread that I can smell already. Not sure what flavor it is. I think he feels like a Baker man with that bread machine…hehehe Anyways, I’m off to lay down and read a new book I just picked up. Ta-Ta!

Zemanta Pixie

MRI on Friday

This friday I am having yet another M.R.I. done. This time its on my right shoulder. I had my left shoulder done about 3 years ago. I had impingement syndrome. Which ended up with me having surgery to fix the problem. So now I am having the same troubles with the right one. I have been waiting since  November for this M.R.I. Yes it took some time. The pain is actually a bit better now, but I figure I better go and do the M.R.I. any ways. I have a feeling that it will get worse if I dont go.

Gregg is taking the day off so he can take me to Royal Columbian Hospital for 9:30 am. Its going to be a early morning. I just hope we dont get stuck in traffic and miss my appointment. Then I’ll have to wait another 6 months. It took 2 1/2 years for them to figure out the left shoulder and there is no way I want to wait that long again.

We are going to keep traveling into Vancouver afterwards. Maybe head to the beach. Have a nice luunch on a patio some where. Do some window shopping. Stop for a beer or two. Should be a nice day. I just hope it doesnt rain. Looks like it will today. Its so cloudy and grey out here in the valley. Its a very blah day.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go for a yummy lunch on a patio? Nothing too expensive but not a dive either. It would be nice to get an ocean view. I’m going to pack up a few things just in case we do end up spending the day at the beach. Wonder what is the best beach to go to in Vancouver?

Fun For All

Last night was a great time. We all pigged out on pizza, sandwiches, veggies, chips, dips, and tons of dessert. I’m sure we all gained a few pounds. I know I did! It was nice to see the family again. We don’t get together that often anymore. We used to years ago. Seemed we could always find a reason to have a family party. I guess we all grow up, have kids, have more kids then there are grandkids and great grandkids and it just gets a little too busy. Well thats ok, its part of life.

Last night when we got home I went to bed and watched some TV and tried to go to sleep but as always I made the mistake of eating too much and drinking coffee too late in the evening. I tossed and turned all thru the night. Gregg had set the alarm for 5:50am so that he could get up and drive into Vancouver for gum surgery. He left at 7:15 and I stayed in bed. I couldn’t get my butt up and ready to go with him. I felt a bit bad about that since I know he wanted me to come with him so we could spend the day in town. Well to make me feel even worse, the dentist office called here at 9:15 asking where Gregg was. I told them that he should of been there by now. She says to me “well the Doctor waited but he had to leave”. I instantly felt so bad for Gregg to have driven all the way to Downtown and I felt guilt for not being with him.

I knew I should of gone along. We could of made the trip worth it, but now he gets to drive home. Such a waste of time and gas. He did take his camera with him so maybe he will stop along the way and take some pictures. Sorry Gregg!

Green Show

Go Green!

As you know we are in a “green” age. Its all about saving the environment. I agree that we need to be careful with the earth. There are a lot of easy ways that we can all do our part. Now I know I don’t do as much as I should but I am trying. Gregg and I recycle everything we can. We use energy saving lightbulbs and turn off the lights as we leave the room(which was a hard habit for me to break). We basically try to do what we can.

I came across this site  “The Green Show” . I am thinking that this might be worth attending. it would be educational. We might get some simple ideas on some things we can do around our home. Even if there isn’t much that we can since we live in a condo I think it would still be worth going.

You can buy tickets online for 10.50 or at the door for 12.00.  Thats not too bad a cost. So go and check it out! It wont hurt to learn something new.

Oh Canada!

OK….I have been looking at the new mascots for the Olympics now for a few days. I hate them. They look like some weird experiment that went terribly wrong. Seriously!?! Do we have to have these creatures represent Canada? We are a melting pot of people up here! These stuffed thingies look like a mix of pokemon and a bobblehead! Honestly, how can we be proud of these?! I mean really, just look at the silly names… Quatchi, miga and sumi. Sound like names for a bunch of hamsters.

I know that I am not buying any of them. I am embarrassed to say I’m a Canadian at this point. The American’s have Bush and we have Quatchi. Maybe we can sell Quatchi to them? He might make a good president?

Yes this is all just my opinion. My way of spreading Christmas cheer… Buy a thingy for your kids! You know they want one! Hey! if you want you can buy me one too! I can think of many ways to have fun with it.

New Shows on Tuesdays

Last night I climbed into my bed and got all comfy for an evening of TV. Well I’m glad I did. The first show I watched was the new “Pushing Daisies“. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I do. I thought it was cute. Its nice to see something unique for a change instead of alway reality shows or sex and murder. I hope this one sticks around. The main plot is a guy that has a special gift. He can touch people and bring them back to life but if he touches them again he can kill them. Only thing is, if he doesn’t touch them and lets them live longer than a minute, someone else will have to die. Its light and funny.

The second show I watched was “Reaper“. Second episode and I am laughing again. So I am going to say I like it. I don’t like “evil” shows but the Devil is actually a funny guy. There are some silly moments here and there. The plot is good, but does have a few holes in it. Sam’s parents sold his soul to the devil before he was even born. So here comes the Devil to collect on his 21st birthday. The devil says he needs help sending escaped damned souls back to hell. Now Sam works for the Devil and has help from his friends. He also works at the “Work Bench” which looks like a local Canadian Tire store. I also like this one cause its filmed in the Vancouver area.

The third show I watched was Law & Order SVU. I have watched this series for a few years now and I always enjoy it. I like that I can miss a few episodes and come back and still know whats going on. So there you have my Tuesday evening line up. For those of you who tried to message me in the evenings, now you know why I’m not answering. I am watching TV every evening from 8pm till I go to bed.

The links I am using are from .  Reason is that the info is a bit more accurate than some of the sites that fans put up. You can always google the shows.