Wheat Free

Since Christmas I have been eating wheat free. Why? Well, I am allergic to wheat..duh!  I have known this for a few years now, but I have been doing ok with small amounts. My allergist told me that when my allergy flares up all I need to do is avoid that item for 3 months. After that I can add it back into my diet.

The first time I did it, I could eat wheat for about a year after that. Now it flared up in August, but I didnt really thing about it being an allergy. I should have gone through my “bad” list. Instead I went to the doctor and he gave me Zantac for the itchy rash I had developed(remember how itchy I was). The pills helped with the itchiness. Just before Christmas I realized I couldnt eat anything with wheat in it. I would get such a bad tummy ache and I would feel awful all over. My body was ill and trying to reject the wheat.

It’s been almost a month with no wheat and I feel so much better. I stopped taking the Zantac about 8 days ago and no itchiness! So I thought I would have popcorn on Thursday evening. Big mistake. Corn is also on my bad list. Seems I cant have popcorn. My tummy got upset and by morning my IC had flared up. Looks like I will be leaving corn off my diet for 3 months.

Anyways, yesterday we went to Vancouver. Gregg had a dentist appointment. After that we went to Choices food store just off 16th ave. It just so happens that Gregg found out that they have a Rice Bakery. Since he didnt bring the address with him we ended up at Choices only. We needed to drive one more block down the road. Oh well. Choices had stuff too.

I got some Rice bread and rice butter tarts,poppy seed lemon cake and a carrot muffin. I nommed the muffin this morning and it was good! I bought some rice flour, but when I got home I thought about it and figured out that I can make my own rice flour. I have mom’s grain  mill. I’m going to try it out later today.

So here is what I got.

Karin's Camera - 0119-2

Karin's Camera - 0120-2

Karin's Camera - 0121-2

Karin's Camera - 0122-2

Karin's Camera - 0124-2

Muffin not shown since I nommed it already.

Fun For All

Last night was a great time. We all pigged out on pizza, sandwiches, veggies, chips, dips, and tons of dessert. I’m sure we all gained a few pounds. I know I did! It was nice to see the family again. We don’t get together that often anymore. We used to years ago. Seemed we could always find a reason to have a family party. I guess we all grow up, have kids, have more kids then there are grandkids and great grandkids and it just gets a little too busy. Well thats ok, its part of life.

Last night when we got home I went to bed and watched some TV and tried to go to sleep but as always I made the mistake of eating too much and drinking coffee too late in the evening. I tossed and turned all thru the night. Gregg had set the alarm for 5:50am so that he could get up and drive into Vancouver for gum surgery. He left at 7:15 and I stayed in bed. I couldn’t get my butt up and ready to go with him. I felt a bit bad about that since I know he wanted me to come with him so we could spend the day in town. Well to make me feel even worse, the dentist office called here at 9:15 asking where Gregg was. I told them that he should of been there by now. She says to me “well the Doctor waited but he had to leave”. I instantly felt so bad for Gregg to have driven all the way to Downtown and I felt guilt for not being with him.

I knew I should of gone along. We could of made the trip worth it, but now he gets to drive home. Such a waste of time and gas. He did take his camera with him so maybe he will stop along the way and take some pictures. Sorry Gregg!