My Bucket List

I have been wanting to add this for a while now, but just didn’t get around to it. What is a bucket list you ask? Well, for me, I saw the movie called “The Bucket List” and that is where the idea is from. If you haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil it for you.

On the bucket list you add things that you want to do some day in your life. This is my list. There isn’t any order to the list, just adding as I go.

The Bucket List

  1. Move to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
  2. Learn to scuba.
  3. Travel the World.
  4. Buy every color of OPI nail polish.
  5. Swim with Dolphins.
  6. Write a letter to everyone special in my life.
  7. Learn Spanish fluently.
  8. Own my dream car-1967 442 Cutlass supreme 2 door ragtop.
  9. Shave my head.
  10. Go to an Opera.
  11. Be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
  12. Go to Africa and see wild White Lions.
  13. See “Cats” on Broadway.
  14. Have a Star named after me.
  15. Take the boys to Mexico for a month long holiday.
  16. Be at my sons weddings. One more to go!
  17. RollerSkate the Stanley Park Seawall.
  18. Be a better listener. – In progress.
  19. Rekindle an old friendship. – DONE-twice.
  20. Swim in an underground river.
  21. Learn to trust people. – still trying
  22. Go horseback riding along the beach.
  23. Don’t be shy about singing in front of people.(even if I sound horrible)
  24. Take dancing classes.
  25. Ride an elephant.
  26. Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean.
  27. See the ruins of the world. Been to Tulum Ruins.
  28. Release any feelings of inadequacy.
  29. Discover my life’s purpose.
  30. Face my greatest fears.
  31. Own a beach house.
  32. Sleep in a castle.
  33. Find the love of my life. – Done. 
  34.  Experience bliss.
  35. Find inner peace. Not sure if its possible
  36. Make a difference in at least one person’s life. might happen
  37. See a  A Cirque du Soleil show. – Done, saw Quidam.
  38. Hand out $100 bills to total strangers.
  39. Throw someone a surprise party.


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