Party is over

Well, we had a great time last night at the party. People cam from all corners of Canada. I could remember people but not their names. We got the dvd finished but in the end the player didn’t work. I was a bit upset about it. Since Gregg and I put so much time into … [Read more…]

It’s Snowing!

We just got back from Langley. WOW! We went for dinner and was snowing but not sticking to anything then we went to Colossal to see the new James Bond flick. 3 hours later we come out of the theater and there is snow everywhere! The drive back to Abby was slow. Never went over … [Read more…]

Colby made it

I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee. As I am typing Colby (my wacky son) is saying every single word I type. Its very annoying! (LOL) We are still working on the DVD for tomorrow’s party. We found a new program that is finally working. So it will get done!Matthew will be here in a … [Read more…]