Goodbye Bun-Bun

Saying goodbye to another member of the family. It’s not easy.

Our little Bunny Hopper. Such a beautiful tiny cat. She got her name because she hopped like a bunny. She was born with weak back legs. She couldnt climb or jump, but she could hop fast like a bunny. We got her when she 6 months old. Now at 13 we say goodbye. We had many good years together.

It will be strange to not have a cat in the house. I Dont plan to have one for a long time. Maybe when I am old and grey I can become a cat lady.

The day we went to the Mission humane society I knew I wanted her. She jumped up on to my lap and needed us. She licked me and purred and I just knew she was the one, she picked me. I told Gregg that I think she is the one. There was a boy about 10 years old, looking at her. I could tell he was just looking for a pet to squeeze and suffocate with unwanted love. I couldn’t let it happen.I told the lady that I wanted her. We signed the papers and she was ours.

She didn’t have it easy living with BabyDork. He was mean. Controlled everything. She wanted to play, he said no. But he did let her snuggle at times. He liked her, he just didnt want us to know.

Her back legs were weird. We dont know for sure what happened to them. The only info we had was that she was a barn kitten. Her back legs were messed up. She could run. Instead she would hop. And that is why we called her Bunny Hopper. Hop like a bunny.

She was fast. She would catch crickets if they ever got on to our deck. She would catch the big moths and bring them into the condo,…alive! Gregg had to catch them and let them go outside. She didnt like that. We brought home a tiny pink bed for her when hes was 8 months old. She loved it. She was in it every night.

The one thing we noticed about her was her breath. On my lord! She could have killed someone if they got too close with that breathe.It was like smelling a dumpster. But she would clean herself and smell like fresh linen.

She didnt meow like a regular cat, she neeped. Neep neep! She was a talker.

I will miss her, so very much. The last 10 months she was able to have a normal cat life. No Babydork chasing her or keeping her in fear. She enjoyed time with us on the couch. Sleeping with Duncan and playing lazer light. She got brushed every morning and catnip. We spoiled her as best we could.

I loved you Bunny Hopper. You will be missed.

She loved to lie down in front of Duncan’s’ water bowl and slurp water. We called her the lazy licker.

She had the most beautiful eyes.

Her favourite spot was roasting in front of the fire.

She was tiny. Just 8 lbs. She looked like she never grew up. Always kitten size.

I will miss her.

I know that we will have a cat again. But not for a while. Maybe when we are old and grey and cant travel anymore.

We loved you the best we could Bunny. Cancer took you too soon. Goodbye my sweet little Bun Bun.