Pool Noodle Wreath

All you need is a noodle, tape, hanger and some decorations. Cut the noodle to the size you want. Cut the hanger and insert each end, tape it off. Then it’s up to you how you decorate it. I did a quick job on this one.



IMG_20151128_110751 (1) (686x800)


Merry Christmas

I woke up this morning, fed the cats, made coffee and then told Gregg that Santa had arrived. I got us a coffee with Bailey’s and we sat down in the living room. I turned on the TV to the “shaw log“. Christmas isn’t Christmas until the shaw log is on. We opened our gifts and enjoyed some more special coffee.

As I was sitting and looking at the TV, I was reminded of my Dad. Listening to the roaring fire on the TV made me think of when I was a child and we were living in Vancouver at the time. We had a fireplace in the basement. Dad sitting there on a foot stool, poking at the fire and adding another piece of wood. During the Christmas season we always had a bowl of mixed nuts on the coffee table. Dad would take some and put them along the edge of the fire and roast them. When they were ready he would pull them out and crack them for us. I can see him in my mind like it was yesterday, grabbing the walnuts and tossing them from hand to hand blowing on it to cool it down. Then putting it on the brick hearth and hitting it with a hammer just enough to crack it open. I would then get the nut pick and pull all the tasty pieces out of the shell. Walnuts were always better when roasted.

As I get older my memories are fading, but every now and then some come back so clearly.

I miss you Dad. Happy Birthday. Today I have put my blue butterfly on my tree. You are with me….always.

It’s Christmasy!

Yup! It’s getting all Christmasy around our home. All the decoration and tree are up. Just need to put some lights on outside. I guess I’ll do that this week. I didn’t know which to pick this year, blue or multicoloured lights, so I went with both.  Last year I only put up a tiny pink tree and a few decorations and it didn’t feel like Christmas. This time I put it all out again. It’s just for Gregg and I to look at and that’s what matters the most.

Well here is our Tree.

Christmas 2011 (10)

As you can see my Grinch stocking and Gregg’s polar bear stocking are waiting to get fattened up.
Christmas 2011 (38)

This is part of my center piece

Christmas 2011 (41)

My Angel

Christmas 2011 (25)

Snow peeps

Christmas 2011 (53)

The table and chairs we inherited from Gregg’s grandparents. It opens to fit 8 people.

Christmas 2011 (50)

The Cabinet that Gregg’s grandparents made.

Christmas 2011 (47)

Displaying my antique ornaments.

Christmas 2011 (28)

You can see the full set on my flickr page or go directly to our Flickr


Christmas On its Way!

Every year my family takes turns hosting the family Christmas dinner. We go by age and its an easy system to remember. This year its my turn. I had actually told my family that I was backing out this year because we cant afford to host it. Gregg isnt working and money is tight. Well, we decided to do it any ways. Gregg booked our amenities room and so its done. Our condo can hold a few people, but the whole family. I think we are up to 33 in the immediate family. Seems that it keeps growing…lol

Now, the problem is, the 26th or the 27th? We switch between the 25th and the 26th so that the other families get to see everyone too. This year it just happens that the 26th and 27th land on the weekend. I know that some family cant make it on the 26th so either day works for me.

As for the dinner, it will be a traditional meal. Turkey(not chopped up) with all the trimmings. I will have to send out an email as to what each person can bring. I’m sure there will be lots of leftovers.

Now, there is also the BIG family dinner we do each year where we rent the kitchen and gym from my mom’s church. I am letting you know now that my family isnt going this year. I’m tired of it. I want to change the dinner to a summer picnic. Every year its the same thing. I say I dont want to go right up till the last minute I walk out the door to head to the church. I have to force myself to go. Once I am there,, its not so bad, but its pointless. We are there to mingle with family that we dont see through out the year, but we dont do that. We sit at the tables with our families and say a quick hello, how are you to all the others. It mainly ends up being our 33 family members and about 15 others. The church rental is $185 this year. Why pay for that when we can get together at someones house?

Yes its nice to do family stuff with relatives, but I do see this as a waste of time. So, I am done with it. I do give a big thank you to my sister for making it happen for the last 20 years. Time for a change!

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Some New Additions

Good Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. I know I did. Even though our plans had changed a bit cause of all the snow and Gregg having to work. So instead of our turkey dinner on the 26th I made dinner for Gregg and I on the 24th after he got home from work. Then we did the family dinner at my Sister’s home on the 25th. It all turned out fine. Only Colby was missing this year. He stayed with his Dad in Kamloops. That was ok with me. I’ll see him some time in the new year.

My gifts were all things I didnt really ask for, but I like them. I got some pink slippers which have to go back cause they are too small. Got purple velour pj’s, that I am living in. Got one onf my favorite perfumes “lacoste- touch of sun”. A 4 gig micro-card for my MP3 player. Now I will have music and movies where ever I go. I got the dvd “Horton Hears a Who”, I love Dr.Suess. Plus I got a ton of snowmen! flameless candles and a string of lights- all snowmen!

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Follow the Fat Man

Santa in bokeh
Image by Kounelli via Flickr

Just in case you want to know where the FatMan is you can find out here —> NORAD. If you have google earth installed on your computer you can follow the 3D map of his travels. I will be watching his every move!

The FatMan better be stopping by. I made lots of cookies for him and his reindeers. He can even hang out for a while and have some hot cocoa. I promise I wont ask to sit on his lap or pull his beard.

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Christmas Once Again

Avatar 005

Its here….again. Some times I wish there was no Christmas. It would make things so much easier. Or maybe Gregg and I could just go rent a cabin in the snow. Hide away from all the every day stuff. Oh well, we can all dream!

I guess I’m a bit depressed today. Gregg has to work and I had thought we would be together tomorrow. He thinks he might have friday off, but he isnt 100% sure. So the dinner I had planned for us and his Dad(Glen) and Matthew is being canceled. I have decided to just make a nice small dinner for Gregg and I  tomorrow when he gets home from work. If  he does get friday off, then maybe we will hit some boxing day sales.

Glen says he will stop by on Christmas morning for a coffee and gift exchange. I’ll see Matthew in the afternoon since we are all going to my sister’s for the big family turkey dinner. Unless Matthew changes his mind and heads out with Bree. Doesnt really matter. He can do what he wants. He is after all an adult. 😛 Colby is up in Kamloops and isnt coming down. No idea when I will see him again.

We will go and eat all the yummy food at my sister’s and at the end of the evening we will waddle out with an extra 10 pounds in our bellies. We will all say our good byes to Mom as she is leaving the next day for California with my Brother and his wife. Gone to the land of sunshine for 6 weeks. Wish I could go too.

This is also our first Christmas without Dad. Plus it would have been his 82nd birthday on Christmas day.

I can hardly wait for Christmas to move on again. Bring on the new year and the spring and summer, but then fall and winter show up again…ah damn! I guess its a vicious circle. Maybe we will go on a trip next year?  Do I hear Mexico calling? Maybe gifts giving is going to stop? Save our money for the trip? Hmmm…. I suppose we will have to see what happens over the next year.

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ShortBread Cookies

I had bought everything I need to make Shortbread cookies but then Gregg and I saw this box of mix at Costco. We thought, why not?! So we did. And they are easy and yummy. A bit crumbly.

Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread Cookies

So far Gregg has enjoyed them…a lot. Me too…hehehe If you want to see the rest of the cookies just follow the link to our Flickr site. Or you can go to my new Photo page.