Pool Noodle Wreath

All you need is a noodle, tape, hanger and some decorations. Cut the noodle to the size you want. Cut the hanger and insert each end, tape it off. Then it's up to you how you decorate it. I did a quick job on this one.    

Merry Christmas

I woke up this morning, fed the cats, made coffee and then told Gregg that Santa had arrived. I got us a coffee with Bailey's and we sat down in the living room. I turned on the TV to the "shaw log". Christmas isn't Christmas until the shaw log is on. We opened our gifts and enjoyed... Continue Reading →

It’s Christmasy!

Yup! It's getting all Christmasy around our home. All the decoration and tree are up. Just need to put some lights on outside. I guess I'll do that this week. I didn't know which to pick this year, blue or multicoloured lights, so I went with both.  Last year I only put up a tiny... Continue Reading →

Christmas On its Way!

Every year my family takes turns hosting the family Christmas dinner. We go by age and its an easy system to remember. This year its my turn. I had actually told my family that I was backing out this year because we cant afford to host it. Gregg isnt working and money is tight. Well,... Continue Reading →

Good Christmas

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. I know I did. Even though our plans had changed a bit cause of all the snow and Gregg having to work. So instead of our turkey dinner on the 26th I made dinner for Gregg and I on the 24th after he got home from work. Then we did... Continue Reading →

Follow the Fat Man

Image by Kounelli via Flickr Just in case you want to know where the FatMan is you can find out here ---> NORAD. If you have google earth installed on your computer you can follow the 3D map of his travels. I will be watching his every move! The FatMan better be stopping by. I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Once Again

Its here....again. Some times I wish there was no Christmas. It would make things so much easier. Or maybe Gregg and I could just go rent a cabin in the snow. Hide away from all the every day stuff. Oh well, we can all dream! I guess I'm a bit depressed today. Gregg has to... Continue Reading →

ShortBread Cookies

I had bought everything I need to make Shortbread cookies but then Gregg and I saw this box of mix at Costco. We thought, why not?! So we did. And they are easy and yummy. A bit crumbly. So far Gregg has enjoyed them...a lot. Me too...hehehe If you want to see the rest of... Continue Reading →

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