Reindeer Poop

I did some baking this year for the first time in about 15 years. Yes I said 15 years. You might wonder why its been so long. Well, After Leaving my old life behind. I never really felt the craving to bake anymore. For some reason this year the baking bug hit me.

So I went on a internet search for some new recipes to try. I was hoping to use Gregg’s Mom’s recipes but I still havent found them. I did find 8 recipes just not the ones I wanted. So I found some online and tried them out. I have been reading a certain blog for a while now and really enjoy all the recipes they have. A lot of the food reminds me of the food I grew up on. If you know anything about German Mennonite cooking you will love this blog.

Here I found the recipes for snow drops. I made these but changed a few things plus renamed mine to Reindeer Poop.. lol. Instead of Crispex (I couldnt find any) I bought a box of Rice Krispies and a box of Corn Squares. Mixed and crushed them together. Then melted the chocolate chips and peanut butter. Poured that over the cereal and stirred. I didn’t have a paper bag so I used a large zip lock bag. I added the mixture to the bag of icing (which, by the way was made out of splenda and cornstarch) And shock the bag till it was all coated. Then scooped it our with a large strainer to get some of the sugar off.

Once it was all coated I put it in a pan and then into the freezer. An hour later it was hard and easy to package into containers. Measuring
Pan of Poop

This stuff is so yummy! So I made a second batch For Gregg’s dad. He is Diabetic so it was made with 8 unsweetened baker’s chocolate squares and a cup on Splenda. I actually forgot the peanut butter and poured the chocolate on the cereal mix and then covered it the same way with the Splenda and cornstarch icing sugar. It tastes good too!

Piles of Poop

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Christmas Dance!

Baking Day

Shortbread rounds before being baked
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Well,  I spent the day baking. I never did find all the recipes from Gregg’s mom. I found about 8 so far. No idea where I put the rest. Its ok I found other recipes to try. I made shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, truffles, rum-balls, reindeer poop, and oat fudge bars.I still have a few more things to bake tomorrow.

I’ll put up pictures and the recipes over the next few days. I am way too tired to do it all right now. I’m off to have a soak in the tub and then into pj’s and watch TV. Have a good evening!

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Today is ….

Christmas Cookies
Image by EverySpoon via Flickr

I realized that today is Gregg’s Mom’s Birthday. She isn’t here to celebrate this day anymore. She died many years ago in a terrible car accident. It’s sad, I know, but we go on. Anyways, the last couple days Gregg has mentioned how at Christmas time his mom would bake cookies. So I am on the hunt for her recipes. I know they are in the storage room in a box. I just have to find the right box…lol

He says that his Mom made the best Bird’s nest cookies ever, along with a few others. So I want to start making these for Gregg so that he can have some and remember the good times of Christmas. Just like I remember all the good times I had as a kid. I think the one thing that always makes Christmas better is all the smells of baked goodies and the turkey cooking. Christmas music playing in the back ground and people laughing and enjoy themselves.

Well, I will go hunt these recipes down, then share them with you all.

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And So It Begins…

The Christmas season is here. Gregg and I did the tree and the decorations and even some shopping. It was a busy weekend. We still have to put the lights on outside. Which I think I might get to today. Other than that, I think this year will be a relaxing one.

We don’t have many plans. We have the dinner at Mom’s on the 20th to celebrate living in Canada for 40 years. Then on the 21st we are all invited to go to my brother and his wife’s baptism in Vancouver. Which we will be attending as long as I feel good and there is no snow. Then we have Christmas dinner at my Sister’s house on the 25th.

So really this year is a slow one. Usually half the family gets together on Christmas eve to go out for dinner and then go to church. I think this year might be the start of something new for Gregg and I. We really dont have any “traditions” of our own. Since we don’t have kids together and my boys are older and want to do their own thing. Gregg and I have talked about possibly doing something just for us. Sure anyone can come and join us. What is it that we want to do? Go see a Christmas movie.

LOL… yup I know it sounds weird. Seriously, I thought it was too. But have you noticed that there are new Christmas movies that come out on the the 24th and 25th? So why not go see one? If we aren’t snowed in and have nothing else to do then we might as well go have a good time.

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Christmas Music

Second Round

Guess what?? I’m sick again! Let’s all jump for joy. I can’t believe I am sick. I was sick with the flu just 6 weeks ago and now I have it again. Oh well, I’ll just blame it on my sister, yeah that’s it, I’ll blame her.hehehe

Anyways, I crawled out of bed this morning to see if you all missed me. No, really! I know I miss all of you. I hate being away from my computer. The internet is kind of my life line to the world. I’m at home all the time since I don’t work and we only have one car. I don’t mind it. I like my home. I have gone as long as a month without ever leaving the condo. I really have no problem staying in my cozy home.

So, we had our yearly Christmas family dinner this past Sunday. It all went well. 39 people showed up. It would of been more but a few just couldn’t make it. It was really nice to see the family. There were some that were new this year and some that I hadn’t see in a long time. The food was yummy as always. I even tried out a new recipe and made the family my guinea pigs…hehehe

Mom and my cousin did well and held their heads up and spread the Christmas spirit through the family. I could see it wasn’t easy on them both without their husbands by their sides. It was still a happy time. We laughed and enjoyed the day. Even though I was sick and doped up on cold pills.

We got home just before 8pm and I climbed into bed for the night. I was done. Yesterday I was in bed all day. So today I am up, but not feeling much better. I think I will be heading to bed soon. If you don’t hear from me in a few days then I am probably still in bed sick. I’ll blog when I am feeling better.

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That Time Again


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Its time again for our annual family Christmas dinner. Every year my Mother’s side of the family gathers at the church gym to celebrate Christmas. Most of us don’t see each other through out the year and this gives us a Chance to catch up.

We all bring some food and have a meal together. The variety is amazing. A potluck is just that, who knows what will show up. We sit and chat and laugh and you can feel the Christmas spirit flowing through the room. The kids play in the gym as we adults sit in the kitchen. And Christmas isn’t Christmas until my Aunt walks in wearing her Christmas vest. Its always a happy time.

This year will be different. We will be gathering, but 2 people will be missing. Dad and Doug. I know that when I wake up on Sunday morning, my thoughts will be on Dad and how Mom will handle the day. She is a strong woman and I know that she will be putting on the smile and be full of Christmas spirit. I also know that deep down inside she will be aching. The first time is always the hardest.

I know my Cousin will have a hard time without her husband Doug there to enjoy this family time. Just like Mom, she is a strong woman and she will be ok too. The families will all be there to comfort both of them, just as we will all comfort each other on this day.

As Christmas is arriving, I know it will get harder day by day for Mom and all us kids. Dad’s Birthday is on Dec.25th. This will be a very sad day. Our first without Dad. I know we will cry that day, but we will also laugh and remember all the good times we had. Plus many more to come.

This year we are also celebrating 40 years in Canada. Mom told me the other day that she still has the bottles of wine from the airplane we were on when we arrived in Canada. I said that this is a good year to open them up. So we are getting together on Dec.20th to celebrate this day.

Mom is also doing a first without Dad this Christmas. She is heading south again. My parents had been snowbirds for about 15 years and gone south for the winter months. The last couple times my brother and his wife have been driving the motorhome since Dad couldn’t do it anymore. So this year the 3 of them are heading out on the 26th. I think it will be good for Mom.

So, as you can see, my mind is here and there today. I am feeling a bit blue. But I’m going to go dig out the tree and turn on some Christmas music and think happy thoughts. Life goes on and we start a new way of Christmas.

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West Coast Christmas Show

This friday starts the West Coast Christmas Show at the Tradex Center. I’m hoping to go check it out. Maybe get some ideas for Christmas. I haven’t started with my decorating or anything else. I was planning on starting this week but I think I’ll wait.

Maybe I’ll just take out the tree? I haven’t been out in the Mall yet so the Christmas spirit hasn’t hit me.

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