My Makeup Bag-Clinique

As you know I tried some different types of makeup over the last year to see what I was going to go with. I did a lot of searching and reading. I ordered samples and got samples from stores. I finally decided what to go with. Clinique.

I really wanted to be able to go with a mineral makeup, but every one I tried felt heavy on my skin and made it itchy and break out in acne, plus my eyes got sore and puffy. Not sure why this happened. I must be allergic to it. So after all the samples and even buying a few small items I gave up on the mineral makeup. I’m not saying its bad, its just not for me.

I’m no longer going to buy any drugstore junk. My skin has changed over the last few years. Wearing  CoverGirl, Maybeline, Revlon or any of the cheap brands just isn’t going to do it anymore. All those brands turn orange on my skin. I might use eye liner from them but not much more.

This Christmas Mom gave us all some money as a gift and I took some of it and decided I would buy new makeup. First, the reason I am going with Clinique. Its allergy tested, fragrance free and they don’t test on animals. These are important to me. I don’t think animal testing is necessary. This company has been around long enough that I trust they know what they are doing. Second thing, I hate it when I can smell my makeup. YUK!  And the third thing, I don’t turn orange! That’s right, the foundation doesn’t turn orange on my face. I knew then that this would be the makeup for me.

I know that the Clinique makeup costs a bit more and I figured I would be spending about 200 dollars. So Gregg said “why not look on Ebay?” Hmmm, so I did. Instead of buying at full price at the store I bought it for a quarter of the cost on Ebay. I is happy!

What did I get? Well, I got all of this…

Clinique makeup
8 lipsticks and 2 mascaras. 3 of the lipsticks were doubles. The colors are “Beauty, Pink Beach, Rose Spectrum, A Different Grape and Raspberry Glace.

Clinique makeup
This little 6 pack is perfect! I love all the colors!

Clinique makeup
And I had to go buy my foundation. I didn’t want to buy it on Ebay. I needed to try colors and find the right one for me. I didn’t want to buy the wrong one.

What did this all cost me? Well, the foundation was 32.00 including the taxes. The rest came to a total of  62.58 that included all the shipping too. If I would of bought this at the store I would of paid about 180.00. I think I got a pretty good deal. The only things I still need are blush and moisturizer. Which I will buy on Ebay if I can find a good deal.

Now what do I do with all my old makeup?LOL

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Mineral Makeup – sample 4

So I got my 4th sample last week, but was too sick to try it out. I tried it over the weekend. This one was from Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I ordered 10 samples for 13.00. The sample sizes are good for at least a dozen uses if not more.

All the colors are great. I really like the product. This is the best line of all 4 samples. But once again, it was a bit messy. Working with powders is just not for me. I wish it was easier. I always end up with eye shadow on my cheeks when I apply it to my eyes. The only way to avoid this is by adding water. I also noticed that all the samples did two thing the same, enlarged my pores and showed the creases under my eyes.

The foundation colors are a perfect match for my skin. The blush is very subtle. Natural looking. I will order this in the future. I think that any mineral makeup that I will use, will only be done when I travel. It lasts all day and doesn’t melt. So it will be great when we head to Mexico again.

I have decided to go back to regular makeup. I ‘m going to be going to Clinique. I trust their products. I have never had a problem with them in the past. At least now I know more about mineral makeup. I wasted 30 bucks but I have all the samples I can use for traveling. Good thing is, it will never go bad, so it will last and last.

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Mineral Makeup – third samples

My third samples showed up yesterday. This one was from Fyrinnae. At the moment their site is down but it will be back up and working in a day or so. Anyways, I ordered my samples about 12 days ago. I got back all 5 plus a freebie!

As you can see from the picture, the colors are vibrant and a full teaspoon! It cost me 10.00 cdn for 5 samples and that includes shipping. The bright orange one is actually blush. The 3 purples are eye shadow and the white is the free one called “fluff” and right at the bottom in the oil control foundation.

So I now have it all on and I like everything but the blush. The color is nice but you really need to be careful when applying it. A little too much and you end up looking like a clown. I love the eye shadow colors. They are the best purples I have ever had. A bit messy. They flake to the cheeks when applying with a brush. So I used my fingers and it was a much better result.

The white oil control foundation goes on nice and blends in perfectly. Its very light coverage, but thats all I need. It feels good too. No heaviness to it. I think I will be buying this one in the future for summer wear. I didnt try the free sample since I wasnt sure what it was and I couldnt go to their site to find out.

I have one more sample still to come. After trying this one I think I’m getting closer to deciding what I will be doing.

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Mineral Makeup Review 2

Well I have worn each color on different parts of my face and neck. It feels a lot lighter than the Skin FX foundations. I really didn’t notice that I was wearing it. Out of the 3 colors I can wear 2. Vanisha is a bit too yellow/orange for my skin.The samples are small. Enough for 2 applications.

I really liked the Camelyn. It blended well with my natural coloring. The Neutrala is a slight tone darker and was a bit noticeable. It showed wrinkling under my eyes. Both colors did hide the darkness under my eyes so that’s something I was happy about.

This stuff didnt feel heavy or oily. I also didnt put any moisturizer on before hand. I wanted to see how it would feel and look with out it. I had moisturizer on when I tested the Skin FX. I will do the Skin FX without moisturizer tomorrow, might make a difference on my review of that product.

Now I have washed this off and trying it with moisturizer. It feels good. Not itchy or heavy. I tried the Vanisha again, but its definitely not my color.

Now I’m not sure if its me not doing it right or if all mineral makeup does this, but I see more wrinkles in my face. Especially around my eyes. And when I smile my skin looks almost like it has tiny cracks in it. Is it possible that this will change and melt into my skin? Or am I doing something wrong? I blend it in and it still looks a bit caked.

I added blush on top and that did seem to make it look more natural. Still lots to learn!

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Mineral Makeup – Second Samples Are Here.

My second samples that I ordered show up yesterday afternoon. This time they come from Surrey, BC. A company called “Natrual Beauty Canada“. Reason I picked this company is cause they are local and they use only the basic ingredients. So I have picked 3 foundations again.

Camelyn, Vanisha and Neutrala.

I will test all three today and blog again this evening.

Mineral Makeup SkinFx Results

Different Minerals

Image via Wikipedia

Well, I wore it all day and it didn’t change. Not one bit. I did feel that it was there. Something I’m not used to. My skin looks like it has a nice even tan. Everything matched all the way down my neck. It was nice to see my face and neck the same color. Most of the time my neck stays very white. But this stuff made it all blend nicely. It did look a bit caked at first, but after about 20 minutes I noticed that it sort of “melted” into my skin. It looks very natural. I read that it is water proof and it is! I tried to wash it off. Nope. I had to use my face wash to get it off. So I think this well be great when traveling in Mexico. Put it on and I can even go swimming in the ocean and still look great. 🙂

So, will I use Skin Fx again? Yes I think I will. I won’t decide until I have tested the other samples. I like this so far but it is only the first one I have tried. Once I have tried them all I will make a decision what I will buy.

I found a few sites and have added them to my links page under “Mineral Makeup”. All the links are for makeups that are pure minerals no organics in them as far as I saw. Remember, if you want pure mineral makeup, read the ingredients lists. Anything organic may be natural, but its NOT a mineral and is not needed in mineral makeup.

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Mineral Makeup – First Sample Arrived

My first sample arrived late yesterday. This one is from SkinFX. It took 6 working days to get here. That’s not bad. I ordered 4 samples, 3 foundation and 1 eye shadow. The total with shipping was 9.45 cdn. They arrived in a letter. 4 baggies with instructions.

I took the baggies and emptied each one into a shot glass. There is about a half a teaspoon in each sample. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but its enough to try them a few times. The instructions tell you to apply the colors to your forehead. So I did that. 3 different colors. They all look good for me. One is a bit light so I could use that as a winter foundation when I lose my tan.

After about 20 minutes I looked in the mirror and noticed no orange tint…yippee! I tend to turn orange when it comes to foundations. So I applied the colors to the rest of my face and neck in 3 sections. I also applied the eye shadow. Its a nice pink color, but a little to light for me. I like colors that pop.

I’m not too sure about using it all over. It does look a bit heavy. It has left creases under my eyes. The coverage is good. I do look like I have flawless skin. It hides pores and evens out skin tones. Now for the true test. I will wear it for the day and see how it looks after a normal day. I’ll blog again this evening with the results.

Mineral Makeup – Fourth Samples

Bluebyrd plum

Image via Wikipedia

I ordered my fourth and final sample for now. This time its from Fyrinnae Cosmetics. They have lots to choose from and it took me a bit to go through it all, but so worth it. So many beautiful colors! It was really hard to pick. I finally settled on some very dark plum. I think its very close to real plum colors.

Only problem with ordering from this company is that they say it can take up to 23 days to get it here. I sure hope not. I guess I’ll find out.

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Mineral Makeup – Third Samples

I have made my third choice. A company in Alabama called Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I was amazed at the range of colors they have. So many to pick from. I have a feeling I will be ordering from them again. I ordered 3 face powders, 3 blush and 2 eye shadows. You can look at their ingredients list here.  I should get them in 3 – 5 days. So Friday at the earliest. I was trying to stay in Canada so that my costs would be a bit lower for shipping over the border, but the shipping was only 3.50 usd. That’s not bad and samples are a dollar each.

I hope that my first set of samples show up tomorrow. I’m still hunting for more. I’m just limited in the money department. It can get costly if I’m not careful. All these samples add up. And after when I finally make my choices and buy items. I’m looking at a bit money I’ll be spending. In the long run it will be worth it. I know it will save me a ton of money. No more buying drug store brands and finding out they dont work for me. That is a major waste of money.

Off I go!