Trying, Starting, Doing


I have been busy making jewellery. I would like to try to start-up a tiny business and possibly sell some of my items. I am finding it a bit frustrating. I have created a blog and it’s almost ready. Just a few details to iron out. I know that I could just go on or, but they all cost money, something I don’t have much of. Oh well, I will just keep making stuff and hope that people will want to buy some items.



Things have changed lately. There have been some family issues that needed to be talked about and for the most part they are dealt with. For me, I don’t think they will ever be done. So many things have been brought to the surface again. With time they will sink to the bottom of my mind once more. This time I plan to anchor them for good.



With all my health problems I am finally getting a bit better. I still need to get scoped in September. Which I am hoping will let me know if there is anything seriously wrong. In the mean time I am going on the assumption that I have IBS which it connected to my IC. And here is the weird part, Since the tummy problems started last July, my IC has calmed down. I have had about 6 flare ups this past year. Very odd! I do have small 24 hour flare ups when I get stressed, but I can keep them under control. I’m watching what I eat and drink. It’s been since February since I have had any type of carbonated drinks. I’ve cut back on the fake sugars and no more multi-grains or dairy. Fruits and veggies are my friends. I would give up meat but I still like a bit of bbq chicken now and then.

So there you have it! That’s what’s been going on.









My Guys

Gregg and I were at home watching TV saturday evening when the phone rang. It was Matthew. He said ” I have a surprise for you” and wanted to come over to show me. I told him to to come on over and hung up the phone. Gregg’s first reaction was “they got a dog”. Since we know Matthew has been wanting one for a while now. Then Gregg said “They went to Vegas and got married”. Since Matthew and Bree are engaged it was possible. My reaction to this was “They better not!”  Gregg said ” He is coming over to show you the ultrasound pic of the baby”…lol

Anyways, Matthew showed up walked through the door and behind him he has his little brother Colby. What a great surprise! The sneaky guys had planned this 2 weeks ago. Since Colby lives almost 5 hours away I dont get to see him often. Since he graduated school he has been busy with work and trying to get his truck running and just having a busy life.The last time i saw him was at my dad’s funeral in June of 2008.

He spent Sunday with Matthew and yesterday he was with me. Matthew dropped him off in the morning and we decided to surprise my Mom. I called her and told her a white lie, that Gregg needed to go to an appointment close to her place and that we wanted to come over for lunch first and we requested homemade pancakes. This was a bit tricky since Gregg and I are on a low carb diet and pancakes are not on our menu. She did ask if it was ok and I just said we were having a craving.

When we got to her door, I walked in and then Gregg and she was starting to close the door when Colby popped his head in. She shouted with joy and gave him a huge hug. She was very surprised and happy to see him. We had a great lunch, Colby got his fill of Oma’s pancakes. We even talked about taking some and driving by Matthew’s work and teasing him that he didnt get any and eat them in front of him….lol

Then it was time to go. We said goodbye to Mom and hit the road. We took Colby shopping, he needed some new runners and some clothes. Talk about a big foot, 13 wide!  As you can see by the photo, he is a big boy.(just like his dad)

Oma, Mom and Son

He also got a hair cut. That’s when I finally recognized him again…lol

Pre-Haircut - Side ViewLooking Normal

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Thanks to Matthew for making the trip to bring Colby for a visit. So happy that I got to see Colby again. Even though it was only a short visit it was still great to see him.

Christmas On its Way!

Every year my family takes turns hosting the family Christmas dinner. We go by age and its an easy system to remember. This year its my turn. I had actually told my family that I was backing out this year because we cant afford to host it. Gregg isnt working and money is tight. Well, we decided to do it any ways. Gregg booked our amenities room and so its done. Our condo can hold a few people, but the whole family. I think we are up to 33 in the immediate family. Seems that it keeps growing…lol

Now, the problem is, the 26th or the 27th? We switch between the 25th and the 26th so that the other families get to see everyone too. This year it just happens that the 26th and 27th land on the weekend. I know that some family cant make it on the 26th so either day works for me.

As for the dinner, it will be a traditional meal. Turkey(not chopped up) with all the trimmings. I will have to send out an email as to what each person can bring. I’m sure there will be lots of leftovers.

Now, there is also the BIG family dinner we do each year where we rent the kitchen and gym from my mom’s church. I am letting you know now that my family isnt going this year. I’m tired of it. I want to change the dinner to a summer picnic. Every year its the same thing. I say I dont want to go right up till the last minute I walk out the door to head to the church. I have to force myself to go. Once I am there,, its not so bad, but its pointless. We are there to mingle with family that we dont see through out the year, but we dont do that. We sit at the tables with our families and say a quick hello, how are you to all the others. It mainly ends up being our 33 family members and about 15 others. The church rental is $185 this year. Why pay for that when we can get together at someones house?

Yes its nice to do family stuff with relatives, but I do see this as a waste of time. So, I am done with it. I do give a big thank you to my sister for making it happen for the last 20 years. Time for a change!

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Its My Birthday….again

Seems I just had one last year…lol. Wow…42 years old. I cant believe it. Ya know, I’m ok with my age. Sure I’m in my 40’s. Big deal. Soon it will be the 50’s. I just hope I still look young…lol. I think I was lucky and got the young gene in the family. I’m still a hot looking woman…hehe Well at least Gregg says i am and I trust his judgement.

So what am I doing on my special day? Gregg and I are going to have our morning coffee as usual, and then get ready to go over to Mom’s. Pick her up and head to the border. We are going to stop off at Wal-mart and meet up with Mom’s sister Susi for a coffee. After wards we will get back on the road and drive down to Bellis Fair Mall where I will be buying my present. I have been needing new runners and I have decided that I want the Skechers Shape-ups. I hope they help with my back pain and my sore heels when I walk. I sure want to be able to go out walking and not have to stop after 15 minutes from the pain. Its so frustrating to try and get in shape and not have good shoes.

I also need jeans. Since I finally am at my goal weight I need some jeans that I dont have to keep pulling up or have to wear a belt. Plus I dont want stretchy jeans. I cant find any that are normal jeans around here unless they are flared, low riders and cost way too much and I dont do the skinny jean, I just dont like them. I like a boot cut or straight leg and long. At least a 34 inseam. Most are 32 and that is too short for me. But why do jeans have to have lycra in them? I want regular old school jeans…lol

Well maybe I’ll find them at the Mall. After the shopping is done we are going to take mom for some real Mexican food. Gregg and I have both been craving Tacos el Pastor. I want Mom to try them too. I think she will enjoy them.

Well, going to go start dinner. Its House and heroes tonight.

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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day.

I wasn’t too sure about doing this post. Then I thought about it and decided I needed to do it.

It’s been a year since my Dad died. It went by fast. It feels like it still just happened. I’m finally at a point where I can say his name without crying or having to leave the room. Ok, not true, I want to cry now. I miss him so much. I realize that I can’t spend Father’s Day with him anymore, but I can think of all the times we spent together.

My first thoughts of him today, when I was young, camping in Penticton. Just Dad and me pigging out on watermelon in the late afternoon, spitting seeds everywhere. Those are very happy memories. Summer vacations were always fun. I miss them.

This past year hasn’t been that easy. Not for any of the family. We all have struggled to move on without him. It’s not easy to get together as a family, especially when we gather at Mom’s place. We sit around the big family dinning table and it always feels like he is missing. He always sat at the head of the table. It now seems that my Brother-in-law has taken the chair. He is the oldest. He has the right to be there. Mom is at the other end, but sometimes she still sits at the side. I guess old habits are hard to break.

My brothers have their moments and I can see that they are still hurting. It will take time. My sister troops along with a smile on her face. I know she is hurting too. She was very close to Dad and being the oldest, she knew Dad the best.

Mom puts up a good front, but we all know that she is still crying. I try not to leave her alone on Sundays. It was always the day her and Dad would spent together. They would call some friends over or go visit someone. They made sure that Sunday’s were to be enjoyed. No working of any kind. So, I call her every Sunday. Sometimes more than once. I’ll call after lunch when I know she will be back from church. They I might call her later to let her know if there is something good on TV.

As for me, well, I am doing pretty good. Yes there are days that I just feel sad and want to cry cause I miss Dad so much. I wish I would of  had more time with him. I’m thankful for the time I did have.

This past Christmas was hard, since it’s also his birthday. We got through it. This is our first Father’s Day without him and we will get through this day too.

I’ve decided that I will remember Dad on this day, but I will not spend the day being sad. I still have Gregg’s Dad. Glen is a great guy. We will be spending the rest of all the Father’s days with him. When he is gone, this “holiday” will be over and never thought about again. Just as it will happen with Mother’s day when Mom is gone.

So here is to all the Father’s out there. Enjoy it!

I will be visiting Dad later this afternoon.

“I’ll be dropping off a slice of watermelon for you, Dad”.


Oh, “and Dad…The sun still brings me your love”.

Mom’s 75th Birthday

I finally have a day to relax. I have been so busy this week. My sister and I and with some help from the other women in the family planned a 75th birthday party for our Mom. It was quite a task. There was food to bake and cook. There was the setting up of the amenities room at my sister’s condo complex. There was the invitations that were made by my sister and her daughter. There was the gift. Which took us a couple weeks to all agree on. Then there was the fact that we didn’t want Mom to find out any of the details. We did have to let her know that we were planning a family dinner.

So, Last week I took on a project that I thought would be easy. Well, it was easy but very time consuming. I was going through my google reader and checking on some of the craft bloggers I read daily, and I saw something that I thought would make a great party favor for all the women that came to the birthday lunch we had planned.

I was on the Coterie Blog and saw this post and loved the idea. So I made a list of all I would need and headed out to get the supplies. Instead of Banana bread I did cake mixes. My list was simple.

  • 35 4 inch pots
  • 8 cake mixes
  • ribbons
  • sparkly things

Sounds easy right? Not so! I had to find the pots. Gregg came with me and we went to Wal-Mart and found 16 there. Then it was over to Home Depot, they had none. Then we drove to Rona and got all we needed. After that it was off to the Dollar store for ribbons and decorations. And finally to Save-on Foods to get the cake mixes and eggs and oil and powdered sugar.


I started with washing all the pots. I ran them through the dishwasher. The next morning I decided that I would white-wash them all. I found some white paint and watered it down and gave them all one coat. They dried and got another coat. That took up most of the day. At about 3pm I started with the decorations. I finished 27 pots by 7pm.


The next day I started with the baking. I did a test run to see how many pots I would need per cake mix. 4 pots worked well. The baking went pretty good. I only messed up on one pot. Each set of 4 pots baked at 350 c for 35 minutes. Then I pulled them out and put in the next 4pots. While those were baking I removed the cakes out of the pots and let them cool. I washed the 4 pots and started over.


I then took the cooled cakes and put them into the decorated pots and labels them on the bottom so I knew what flavor it was. I kept rotating between the 2 batches of 4 pots I was using to bake with. All together it took me 6 hours to finish all the baking.

I took a break, had some dinner and a shower. I then started on the icing. That took another 2 hours to do. Then I realized I still needed to get a layered salad ready for the party. I thought my night would never end!


I finally finished them all. 32 pots decorated and ready to go. In the end it was all worth it. Everyone loved their potted cakes.



There was a ton of yummy foods to eat. My sister made 2 different fruit punches. We ordered a birthday cake from my Niece’s friend that makes special cakes. We got her to put a big ring on top with all of us 5 kid’s birth stones. Mom didn’t really see the cake until we pointed it out after she has opened the box with the gold family ring we got her as her present. She was so happy I thought she might even cry.

At about 3pm almost all the ladies had left. Then the family started to show up for the BBQ. We all relaxed and a good time as a family. We all laughed and enjoyed the rest of Mom’s day.

Today is her actual birthday. So I called her to wish her a happy day. She is having some friends over for coffee and to eat some more of that yummy cake.

Happy Birthday My Boy!

Well its here again! You have turned 24 years old. Wow! You are growing No, you still have many years ahead of you. These last few years that you have lived closer to me, I’ve watched to change. From a grumpy guss to a happy cleaned up man.

I think having Bree in your life has made a big difference. Seems she is what is making you happy(and making you shower daily). I had to jab jab. I hope that what ever happens in your life, that you are always happy with your choices and that you keep on smiling.

I know you are off camping today so I can’t see you, but I will see you when you get home. I love you so much Matthew… there are never enough words or hugs or tears that I can give you to let you know how much you mean to me. You will always be my baby goober.


Busy Working

I have taken on a new project this week. My sister’s Mother-inlaw died and she asked me to make a video of her life for the service this friday. So that is what I am doing. I know it sounds simple enough, but its not. I have had to learn how all these new programs work.

Gregg got me all of the latest Adobe software. Very cool stuff. So as I am making this video I am also teaching myself all the new cool things I can do with it. Once I get more practice it will get easier.

In the mean time, My sister and I both had the same idea, and Gregg did too. Since my sister is so involved with the church and has a million friends, I will be setting up a small business to see if  making videos for all occasions might be a great way to earn some extra income.

I’ll be making up a few business cards and hopefully a website too. I need to come up with a name. So if you have any ideas please post them in the comment area.

So its a bit of a busy week.

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Image by ___federico___ via Flickr

I finally talked to Colby. He has just been too busy to call. When I asked what he was doing, he said “not much”. LOL, ok so he hasn’t been too busy. He just never remembers to call me. Typical for a growing Boy. He wants to come down for a visit, but doesn’t want to miss out any work. He will try to come down for a weekend next month and I told him he has to come down for his Oma’s 75th Birthday in May.

What else? Oh, as you know Gregg and I went to Matt & Bree’s for dinner on Sunday. We had a very nice time. dinner was good and I brought over some leftover Christmas baking that I had in the freezer for dessert. Their place may be small, but they have it organized well. I guess its our turn to have them here for dinner soon.

As for me, I have spent all yesterday afternoon and still now in a bad IC flare-up. I had a a rough night with all the pain. Even been doubling my meds. I’m not sure why it has started up. I think it might be either the ice tea I have been drinking too much of, or the new lotion I have been using, or just the stress of wondering where and what Colby was doing. Well I don’t have to worry about Colby, he is fine.  I’m not drinking any more iced tea and the lotion was returned to the store yesterday. Now I just wait for the flare-up to stop. This could take hours or weeks.

On a happier note…. I have lost a total of 5lbs this month. Gregg has lost 8lbs. Slowly going down for both of us. 🙂