Trying, Starting, Doing

Starting I have been busy making jewellery. I would like to try to start-up a tiny business and possibly sell some of my items. I am finding it a bit frustrating. I have created a blog and it's almost ready. Just a few details to iron out. I know that I could just go on Continue Reading →

My Guys

Gregg and I were at home watching TV saturday evening when the phone rang. It was Matthew. He said " I have a surprise for you" and wanted to come over to show me. I told him to to come on over and hung up the phone. Gregg's first reaction was "they got a dog".... Continue Reading →

Christmas On its Way!

Every year my family takes turns hosting the family Christmas dinner. We go by age and its an easy system to remember. This year its my turn. I had actually told my family that I was backing out this year because we cant afford to host it. Gregg isnt working and money is tight. Well,... Continue Reading →

Its My Birthday….again

Seems I just had one last Wow...42 years old. I cant believe it. Ya know, I'm ok with my age. Sure I'm in my 40's. Big deal. Soon it will be the 50's. I just hope I still look I think I was lucky and got the young gene in the family. I'm... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day. I wasn't too sure about doing this post. Then I thought about it and decided I needed to do it. It's been a year since my Dad died. It went by fast. It feels like it still just happened. I'm finally at a point where I can say his name without crying... Continue Reading →

Mom’s 75th Birthday

I finally have a day to relax. I have been so busy this week. My sister and I and with some help from the other women in the family planned a 75th birthday party for our Mom. It was quite a task. There was food to bake and cook. There was the setting up of... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday My Boy!

Well its here again! You have turned 24 years old. Wow! You are growing No, you still have many years ahead of you. These last few years that you have lived closer to me, I've watched to change. From a grumpy guss to a happy cleaned up man. I think having Bree in your... Continue Reading →

Busy Working

I have taken on a new project this week. My sister's Mother-inlaw died and she asked me to make a video of her life for the service this friday. So that is what I am doing. I know it sounds simple enough, but its not. I have had to learn how all these new programs... Continue Reading →


I finally talked to Colby. He has just been too busy to call. When I asked what he was doing, he said "not much". LOL, ok so he hasn't been too busy. He just never remembers to call me. Typical for a growing Boy. He wants to come down for a visit, but doesn't want... Continue Reading →

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