Slow Pace

This week is a bit slow. I’ve been home doing my workouts and house work and crap like that. So nothing new. Making sure Gregg and I stick to our diet plan. I’m slowly losing weight and Gregg is too. It’s better to take it off slowly anyways. Too fast and it will just come back twice as much. I have noticed a difference in my waist since I started doing yoga. Its getting a bit tighter. Which makes me happy. I really like my Wii Fit. It’s really easy to use and I like that it keeps track for me. I think Mom should get one. I bet she would love it.

What else? Survivor started last week and so did Amazing Race. Both are shows that Gregg and I watch together. We like to pick apart the shows and say that we could do better…lol. I have other shows I watch while Gregg does his homework. Lost is back on too so I’ve been watching it. Waiting for Prison Break to start in April.

I did hear a rumor… Dippy might be moving soon. I can only hope and pray that it really is true and will happen before summer is here. Supposedly, he has been approved for a mortgage and is looking for a place in Chilliwack. If this is true, I hope that they sell the condo to some nice older people with no kids.

Oh,  Matthew and Bree have moved into their new condo and they have invited us for dinner this Sunday. This will be a first. I’ve offered to bring dessert, just have to figure out what to make. I’m looking at low calorie recipes today.

Well, that’s whats happening around here.

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Christmas Once Again

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Its here….again. Some times I wish there was no Christmas. It would make things so much easier. Or maybe Gregg and I could just go rent a cabin in the snow. Hide away from all the every day stuff. Oh well, we can all dream!

I guess I’m a bit depressed today. Gregg has to work and I had thought we would be together tomorrow. He thinks he might have friday off, but he isnt 100% sure. So the dinner I had planned for us and his Dad(Glen) and Matthew is being canceled. I have decided to just make a nice small dinner for Gregg and I  tomorrow when he gets home from work. If  he does get friday off, then maybe we will hit some boxing day sales.

Glen says he will stop by on Christmas morning for a coffee and gift exchange. I’ll see Matthew in the afternoon since we are all going to my sister’s for the big family turkey dinner. Unless Matthew changes his mind and heads out with Bree. Doesnt really matter. He can do what he wants. He is after all an adult. 😛 Colby is up in Kamloops and isnt coming down. No idea when I will see him again.

We will go and eat all the yummy food at my sister’s and at the end of the evening we will waddle out with an extra 10 pounds in our bellies. We will all say our good byes to Mom as she is leaving the next day for California with my Brother and his wife. Gone to the land of sunshine for 6 weeks. Wish I could go too.

This is also our first Christmas without Dad. Plus it would have been his 82nd birthday on Christmas day.

I can hardly wait for Christmas to move on again. Bring on the new year and the spring and summer, but then fall and winter show up again…ah damn! I guess its a vicious circle. Maybe we will go on a trip next year?  Do I hear Mexico calling? Maybe gifts giving is going to stop? Save our money for the trip? Hmmm…. I suppose we will have to see what happens over the next year.

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Second Round

Guess what?? I’m sick again! Let’s all jump for joy. I can’t believe I am sick. I was sick with the flu just 6 weeks ago and now I have it again. Oh well, I’ll just blame it on my sister, yeah that’s it, I’ll blame her.hehehe

Anyways, I crawled out of bed this morning to see if you all missed me. No, really! I know I miss all of you. I hate being away from my computer. The internet is kind of my life line to the world. I’m at home all the time since I don’t work and we only have one car. I don’t mind it. I like my home. I have gone as long as a month without ever leaving the condo. I really have no problem staying in my cozy home.

So, we had our yearly Christmas family dinner this past Sunday. It all went well. 39 people showed up. It would of been more but a few just couldn’t make it. It was really nice to see the family. There were some that were new this year and some that I hadn’t see in a long time. The food was yummy as always. I even tried out a new recipe and made the family my guinea pigs…hehehe

Mom and my cousin did well and held their heads up and spread the Christmas spirit through the family. I could see it wasn’t easy on them both without their husbands by their sides. It was still a happy time. We laughed and enjoyed the day. Even though I was sick and doped up on cold pills.

We got home just before 8pm and I climbed into bed for the night. I was done. Yesterday I was in bed all day. So today I am up, but not feeling much better. I think I will be heading to bed soon. If you don’t hear from me in a few days then I am probably still in bed sick. I’ll blog when I am feeling better.

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That Time Again


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Its time again for our annual family Christmas dinner. Every year my Mother’s side of the family gathers at the church gym to celebrate Christmas. Most of us don’t see each other through out the year and this gives us a Chance to catch up.

We all bring some food and have a meal together. The variety is amazing. A potluck is just that, who knows what will show up. We sit and chat and laugh and you can feel the Christmas spirit flowing through the room. The kids play in the gym as we adults sit in the kitchen. And Christmas isn’t Christmas until my Aunt walks in wearing her Christmas vest. Its always a happy time.

This year will be different. We will be gathering, but 2 people will be missing. Dad and Doug. I know that when I wake up on Sunday morning, my thoughts will be on Dad and how Mom will handle the day. She is a strong woman and I know that she will be putting on the smile and be full of Christmas spirit. I also know that deep down inside she will be aching. The first time is always the hardest.

I know my Cousin will have a hard time without her husband Doug there to enjoy this family time. Just like Mom, she is a strong woman and she will be ok too. The families will all be there to comfort both of them, just as we will all comfort each other on this day.

As Christmas is arriving, I know it will get harder day by day for Mom and all us kids. Dad’s Birthday is on Dec.25th. This will be a very sad day. Our first without Dad. I know we will cry that day, but we will also laugh and remember all the good times we had. Plus many more to come.

This year we are also celebrating 40 years in Canada. Mom told me the other day that she still has the bottles of wine from the airplane we were on when we arrived in Canada. I said that this is a good year to open them up. So we are getting together on Dec.20th to celebrate this day.

Mom is also doing a first without Dad this Christmas. She is heading south again. My parents had been snowbirds for about 15 years and gone south for the winter months. The last couple times my brother and his wife have been driving the motorhome since Dad couldn’t do it anymore. So this year the 3 of them are heading out on the 26th. I think it will be good for Mom.

So, as you can see, my mind is here and there today. I am feeling a bit blue. But I’m going to go dig out the tree and turn on some Christmas music and think happy thoughts. Life goes on and we start a new way of Christmas.

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What to Say?

I have been wanting to blog, but I just havent had anything to say. I’ve been doing nothing really. Just hanging out with Gregg on his days off and during the week I just do my own thing. I dont have a car so I dont go anywhere unless I’m walking. I havent been walking a lot. I basically just do stuff at home. Whatever I find to do.

I guess if I had more friends I would go out more. I have a few friends, but their lives are different than mine. Some are very busy with little kids, which I dont have. Others are busy with jobs or just running around doing stuff for others. I’m not complaining. I am fine with that. I talk to them and thats good enough. I dont feel the need to have close friends, and the friends I do have are great.

I guess I like my privacy. I like my alone time. Mom says I need more friends and she may be right. For now I dont feel like I do. Most of my friends that I have had through out my life have ended up screwing me over in some way. So I dont let myself get close to anyone. Gregg is the only one that really knows me well. I dont like to share things about me. I guess that is cause too many times people have used what I have said against me. I dont trust people easily. It took a bit of time before I trusted Gregg. I am very glad that I know I can trust him.

I dont need friends that judge me for I did in my life. Those type of people are not worth my time. I think that if you judge a person just because of the clothes they wears or the mistakes they have made in the past then you are a person that I dont need to get to know. I dont judge you, so dont judge me.

Wow, look at that. I had nothing to say and I said all this. Interesting what comes out of my head when I just start to type. I hope that friends and family understand that this isnt directed at any of you. I was just airing out some thoughts.

At Home

Well we did the viewing this evening. It went pretty well. Quite a few people showed up. I walked into the room and I guess I didnt think the room was so small. Dad was right there. It kind of surprised me. He looked so handsome in his suit. Tomorrow there will be another viewing just before the service. I dont knowif I can do it again.

Anyways, I’m off to bed now. I need some sleep. I’ll blog again when this is all done.

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Slow Week

I’m having a slow week. Not much going on. Just taking it easy. My right knee has been hurting again and so is my lower back. So I’m laying around reading my books. I know that on friday we are doing a ladies lunch over at my niece’s new house. So that should be fun. Talked to mom and she said dad is about the same. Slowly getting worse but has his good moments. She had a hospital bed delivered over the weekend. Plus she has help coming in every day now. Mom has a “dad-sitter” coming in on friday so that she can come with to the lunch party.

I talked to Colby the other day and he might pop by on saturday to see my parents and to show off his new truck. Also its Matthew’s birthday tomorrow. I’m feeling old. He is turning 23. Time sure flies.

Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day for me. It finally sunk in that my dad is going to die. I guess up till now I was not willing to believe it. I knew it was happening, but I just didn’t think it was happening right now. Well I cried most of yesterday and I think I got most of the tears out of the way so that I can be strong and ready when mom needs the help. I know that the family is going to have a long road ahead. We all deal with loss in different ways. I tend to push it to the side and deal with it after all is said and done. It wont be easy.

Anyways, lets get on a happier note. Its going to be a sunny day! Already 15c out there and suppose to rise to 26! When was the last May long weekend that we had beautiful weather? I dont even remember. Lets hope it stays nice. I think I will replant my 2 plants this afternoon.Yes I only have 2. I only have a bit of sunshine in the condo so lots of real plants wont survive in here. We face east so its only morning sun. Which is fine with me, otherwise it would get too hot in here.

Any plans for the weekend? I dont think we are doing much. Maybe go biking. Go see mom and dad. Was thinking of getting some Chinese take out for dinner and taking it over to the parents tomorrow for dinner. I know dad likes it even if he says he doesnt…lol.