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I finally talked to Colby. He has just been too busy to call. When I asked what he was doing, he said “not much”. LOL, ok so he hasn’t been too busy. He just never remembers to call me. Typical for a growing Boy. He wants to come down for a visit, but doesn’t want to miss out any work. He will try to come down for a weekend next month and I told him he has to come down for his Oma’s 75th Birthday in May.

What else? Oh, as you know Gregg and I went to Matt & Bree’s for dinner on Sunday. We had a very nice time. dinner was good and I brought over some leftover Christmas baking that I had in the freezer for dessert. Their place may be small, but they have it organized well. I guess its our turn to have them here for dinner soon.

As for me, I have spent all yesterday afternoon and still now in a bad IC flare-up. I had a a rough night with all the pain. Even been doubling my meds. I’m not sure why it has started up. I think it might be either the ice tea I have been drinking too much of, or the new lotion I have been using, or just the stress of wondering where and what Colby was doing. Well I don’t have to worry about Colby, he is fine.  I’m not drinking any more iced tea and the lotion was returned to the store yesterday. Now I just wait for the flare-up to stop. This could take hours or weeks.

On a happier note…. I have lost a total of 5lbs this month. Gregg has lost 8lbs. Slowly going down for both of us. 🙂

Some Changes

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As you can see, I’ve been doing some changes to my blog theme again. I really like this one. I think this one will be the one for some time. I like that I can put my own photos in the header. Yes, all the different headers are pictures Gregg and I took. At the moment they are all from your last trip to Playa del Carmen. They might change on special days.

Other news… Gregg is finally job hunting. He is out there spreading his resumes all over Abbotsford today. I hope that he gets a responds. I’ll let you know how it goes when things start to happen.

Tomorrow its ladies lunch once again. We are celebrating my Aunt Anny’s birthday. Its also my brother’s birthday, but he isnt invited. I think he would look a bit out of place at one of our hen parties…lol

Also, Heroes starts this evening which I have been waiting for. There are bunch of shows all starting this week. So I won’t be online in the evenings.:)

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6 Years

Well its been 6 years that Gregg and I have been married. It doesnt seem that long ago that we said I do.Our wedding day was a perfect day. I will always remember it as one of the happiest in my life. I honestly never thought I would get married again. I had told myself that I would never do it again after my first one went bad and the seconf one that was supose to happen, didnt(glad that one never happened). So my second and finally one is to a wonderful man.

To Gregg,

There are many things I could say, but the only thing I really need to tell you is…. you complete me.

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Birthday Dinner

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Well it was a nice evening. Gregg didnt know that we were meeting with Mom and Waltrude and Wally. He knew that Matt and Bree would be there. I think he was surprised. Dinner was very yummy, but we were shocked at the cost. Prices have gone up. Something must of happened with our bill, cause we only had to pay 8.12 for everything.??? Did mom pay? I dont think so. I didnt notice. Oh well. After dinner we came back to our place for coffee and cake. I made a chocolate cake for Gregg. First one I have made in 18 years! LOL.. Last time was for Colby’s first birthday. It turned out good.

I got Gregg a stainless steel necklace. He needed one for his Mexico charm. It really looks good on him. Other than that we are planning a BBQ dinner with his dad for tomorrow. Dad is bringing the steaks and we supply the rest. Should be a nice relaxing afternoon.

Today we are staying in our cool condo. We turned on the A/C last night before bed. Good thing we did, otherwise it would be really hot in here. So thats all for now.

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Happy Birthday!

Today is Gregg’s 40th Birthday. I just want to say a few words.

The smile on your face
When things don’t go your way
Your smile stays with me
As I start my day

The warmth in your heart
I feel it all the time
And knowing that the love in it
Truly is all mine

The loving words you speak
Make my problems disappear
You make me feel so good
I always want you near.

Happy Birthday My Love.

I hope that this day is filled with fun and happiness!

Fun With Family

I wasnt really planning on going anywhere today. I did talk to mom last night about getting out to buy a gift for Gregg‘s 40th birthday this friday, but we didnt have any set plans. This morning mom called and said let’s go! So my sister Waltrude picked up mom and then stopped here and I jumped in the car and off we went.

We headed to Walmart to see what we could find. I found a great deal on a set of 3 Starfrit fry pans for 20 bucks. Usually 1 pan costs 20 bucks. I also found a pair of sandals that were 39 bucks regular but were priced down to 5 bucks! They fit great and will look good with jeans.

After Walmart we headed for Zellers and met up with my sister inlaw Gizy for lunch. I got my Jane lipstick and even got Waltrude to try out a new color, 2 in fact. Gizy took off back home, probably to jump in her hot tub. After we said goodbye we walked across the parking lot to the Shoe Company. Where all 3 of us found something we had to have. Waltrude found a nice purse, mom found sleek white shoes and I found cute red sandals. Regular price was 39.99 and on sale 29.99 and I used my points and go them for 22.95 including taxes. Not too bad!

This is the first pair of red shoes I have every bought. I like to stick to neutral colors, but I just could not resist these cuties. I did debate with my inner self for a while in the store. My sister and mom looked at me a bit funny. I finally gave in and did it.

After all the shopping we stopping at Costco for gas 1.29 L. is a good price. Then around the corner to the recycle depot to drop off an old monitor. Finally back here to kick me out and mom and Waltrude are still doing a bit more running around.

We did come up with a few ideas. We have decided that since Mom will have room in her new condo, we will be doing a ladies movie evening once a month. No hubbies and no kids. Sounds like fun to me! I will email all the ladies with the details and we can start doing this in September. Also  I was thinking we can do a “make-up” party. Clothing exchange party, and so many more parties. We will figure it all out.

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What to Say?

I have been wanting to blog, but I just havent had anything to say. I’ve been doing nothing really. Just hanging out with Gregg on his days off and during the week I just do my own thing. I dont have a car so I dont go anywhere unless I’m walking. I havent been walking a lot. I basically just do stuff at home. Whatever I find to do.

I guess if I had more friends I would go out more. I have a few friends, but their lives are different than mine. Some are very busy with little kids, which I dont have. Others are busy with jobs or just running around doing stuff for others. I’m not complaining. I am fine with that. I talk to them and thats good enough. I dont feel the need to have close friends, and the friends I do have are great.

I guess I like my privacy. I like my alone time. Mom says I need more friends and she may be right. For now I dont feel like I do. Most of my friends that I have had through out my life have ended up screwing me over in some way. So I dont let myself get close to anyone. Gregg is the only one that really knows me well. I dont like to share things about me. I guess that is cause too many times people have used what I have said against me. I dont trust people easily. It took a bit of time before I trusted Gregg. I am very glad that I know I can trust him.

I dont need friends that judge me for I did in my life. Those type of people are not worth my time. I think that if you judge a person just because of the clothes they wears or the mistakes they have made in the past then you are a person that I dont need to get to know. I dont judge you, so dont judge me.

Wow, look at that. I had nothing to say and I said all this. Interesting what comes out of my head when I just start to type. I hope that friends and family understand that this isnt directed at any of you. I was just airing out some thoughts.