Making Changes…Again

You can see by my blog that I am changing my theme again. I get bored looking at the same theme all the time. So it was time to change it up again!

What other changes? Well, Gregg and I are doing Weight Watchers at home and it’s working for him, but it seems that it’s not doing much for me. I’m just sitting at the same weight. I’m going to keep feeding Gregg the same, but I am changing my menu a bit. No more wheat, a bit less fruit, more meat and veggie. Sort of lowcarb/paleo eating. I know I can’t eat wheat product, but I love bread. I have bought a wheat free baking mix and will see how that works for me. Going to spend some time trying out new recipes this week.

What else has changed? Hmmm…. Not much I guess. I finally got my MRI date for Dec.6th. Yeah it’s a long wait. I see my Doctor this week and will ask him if he thinks that’s too long. If so, then he needs to push me through some how. Oh wait, have I explained why I need the MRI? I don’t think I have. Well I’ll make it a short story. Basically I got worried about my breasts leaking at the beginning of the year, asked the Doctor about it and he sent me to have a mammogram done, did that. Then they wanted  to an ultrasound, did that. Both were clear and clean, come back in a year they said. I then had a CT scan of my head and it showed a tiny lump(tumour) on my Pituitary gland and some swelling. Doctor thinks that this is why I was having the leakage and the reason why my eyesight is getting worse. The swelling is pushing on my optical nerve. I am seeing an eye specialist in 2 weeks. Doctor then told me he needs an MRI to decide what the next step is. So, now I just wait.

When I heard the word tumour, I really didn’t listen. I let the word in and out. The first thing a person thinks of is cancer. The good thing is that it’s not cancer. All my blood tests have come back negative for cancer. That does help relax me a bit. Tho, I guess all these months have just been too much on me. After the Doctor told me the result of my CT scan, he asked me if I was depressed. I wanted to say no, but since my Mom was in the room with me, she said it first. She didn’t know. But the Doctor could see it. He asked some questions and had me fill out some forms that asked a lot more questions. Then he prescribed some antidepressants. I don’t like to admit that I am depressed, but I knew I was and had been for a while. I knew it already back at Christmas time. I thought I could handle it on my own.  I’ve been taking them for a month now and I am feeling a bit better. Not so tired, sad and hopeless. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get back to being happy. I sure want to be there again.

I realize that I have been sick for so many years that trying to remember the last pain free day is almost impossible. When I think about it, being in Playa del Carmen comes to mind. When we were there in 2007 for 3 week, by the second week I had stopped taking all my meds and pain killers. I was pain free! I felt so good.  When we got home, it didn’t take long, a few days and  I was taking pills again to deal with everything. Since then it just seems that my health has been going down hill.

I have hope that I will get better. I just need some help getting there. If that means I need to take antidepressants, then so be it. I just want to be normal again. To live without pain is asking too much, I know, but as least a bit less pain and sickness would be great.

Well, this post turned out a bit different from what I had planned, LOL.


Trying, Starting, Doing


I have been busy making jewellery. I would like to try to start-up a tiny business and possibly sell some of my items. I am finding it a bit frustrating. I have created a blog and it’s almost ready. Just a few details to iron out. I know that I could just go on or, but they all cost money, something I don’t have much of. Oh well, I will just keep making stuff and hope that people will want to buy some items.



Things have changed lately. There have been some family issues that needed to be talked about and for the most part they are dealt with. For me, I don’t think they will ever be done. So many things have been brought to the surface again. With time they will sink to the bottom of my mind once more. This time I plan to anchor them for good.



With all my health problems I am finally getting a bit better. I still need to get scoped in September. Which I am hoping will let me know if there is anything seriously wrong. In the mean time I am going on the assumption that I have IBS which it connected to my IC. And here is the weird part, Since the tummy problems started last July, my IC has calmed down. I have had about 6 flare ups this past year. Very odd! I do have small 24 hour flare ups when I get stressed, but I can keep them under control. I’m watching what I eat and drink. It’s been since February since I have had any type of carbonated drinks. I’ve cut back on the fake sugars and no more multi-grains or dairy. Fruits and veggies are my friends. I would give up meat but I still like a bit of bbq chicken now and then.

So there you have it! That’s what’s been going on.









Getting Better

Since my last update I am feeling much better. I haven’t seen any doctors, but I do have a lead on a family doctor that I will be meeting next week hopefully. He is my mom’s doctor.

Any ways, I have been very careful with the food and drinks and it’s making a difference. I am 99% sure that what I have is an ulcer. I have been taking vitamin E and Evening Primrose to help heal the tummy. Now that I have cut out carbonated drinks, and past the craving and headache stage, I don’t even look at the pop in the fridge. Gregg has cut back too. The only problem for me is I get bored with drinking only water and tea. Gregg brought home some flavoured waters that are sweetened with Splenda.It’s a nice change. I have one bottle a day.

I have noticed that I am not really craving meat like I use to. Mostly I crave fresh fruit and bread.Instead of eating a lot of bread I have a bowl of Kashi cereal for breakfast and some fruit. Have some bread with dinner. I’m trying to cut out all the wheat products, but it’s not that easy. Wheat is everywhere!

So, the tummy is better, but there is still bloating below the tummy. Under the belly button. I guess that would be the bowels/intestines. By the end of the day that area feels like its going to burst open. I don’t notice the feeling if I wear tight pants. When I see the doctor I will talk to him about this.Maybe I will still need to get a colonoscopy.

Well, that’s my health update.

Ya I know…

I have been wanting to blog, but just haven’t gotten around to it. As you know, if you follow my Facebook, that I have been very sick lately. A few weeks ago I had to go to the ER. The pain in my gut was just too much to handle. I was done suffering through it. Once there, they did some tests, blood and urine. All came back negative. That was good. It was a relief to know that everything was functioning properly. The Doctor gave me a prescription for some very strong antacids. He arranged for me to come back in a couple of days for an ultrasound. which also showed that all was good on the inside. They had no clue as to what would make my tummy hurt so much. They said I should see a gastrointestinal specialist.

Since then I have been figuring out what is wrong with me. I did a lot of googling. I wondered why he gave me antacids so I started looking at that. Which lead me to look at ulcers. The more I googled the more I learned.

Last July I was having a lot of back pain. I was taking about 6-8 Advil pills to help with the pain.By September my tummy was hurting. I felt a burning pain that wouldn’t go away. I saw the Doctor and he told me to stop with the Advil and that I probably burned my gut. It just needed to heal. Well he didn’t tell me anything else. A month later I was back and he had retired. Long story short, The Doctor at the walk-in clinic didn’t know what he was doing. Guessing games and giving me pills that made me worse.

So here I am. Self diagnosing myself once again. I am 99% sure that I have an ulcer. I found out that Advil is the leading cause of ulcers. The antacids have helped so much. I’m also eating different. I have given up all carbonated drinks. Cut back on caffeine. Only have my coffee in the morning.(can’t give up coffee). No more fried foods. Low fat and almost no dairy products. Mostly I am eating Alkaline foods. which means cutting out acidic foods.

Since I started 2 weeks ago, about 80% of my symptoms are gone. So does this mean I am right and I do have an ulcer? Should I go back to that stupid walk in clinic doctor? Do I need to go see a gastrointestinal specialist? I do know that I still need to find a family doctor.



I saw my new Urologist yesterday. He seems like a nice man. He is young , so I guess he will be around for a while. So we talked for a bit and I told him that I had gotten some antibiotics from my doctor and that they were helping. He gave me  another 3 days worth. Basically I had a very bad Urinary tract infection. I tell you it was not fun. I was starting to feel the pain in kidney area. Its a good thing it didn’t get that far. I’ve had kidney infections in the past and they are few painful.

Anyways, we decided to do nothing else for now. Don’t want to go poking around unless we really need to. I’ll try to get my IC under control again now that the infection is gone. All I need to do is watch what I eat and drink. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. If not, then I need to go see him again and he will take me in and put a scope in my bladder and take a peek.

So thats it! I am feeling so much better today. I almost feel human again.

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Pills, Pills and More Pills

So I went to see my doctor yesterday afternoon. I had to do something to help get rid of all the pain I have been having lately. A while back I thought I was just having a bad IC flare-up. So I saw the Doctor and did a urine test and Nothing showed. So I have just been taking my regular pills in hopes that the pain would go away. Well it didn’t. This past weekend I was is so much pain I could of ripped my bladder right out of my body.

I finally told Gregg that I needed to see the Doctor or go to the E.R. The pain was horrible. If you have ever had any kind of a burning pain when you pee, you understand what I mean. Now just triple that pain. I think giving birth was less painful.

I saw my Doctor at 4:30pm. I told him that I have a bacterial infection or maybe a bladder infection. He gave me a script and I went to the lab to do another urine test, it was 6pm before I got the first pill down. The pain lessened slightly at about 10pm, but I did take painkillers. This morning I am feeling  much better. I can actually pee without wanting to pass out from the pain. My back still hurts though.

Tomorrow I finally see my new Urologist. I hope he is well educated with IC. If not, I guess I will have to teach him a few things…lol.

Anyways, With all the pills and all the liquids I have been drinks I feel like a drunken beached whale sloshing around in waves. I think I am on my way to getting better. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It would be nice to be down to 2 pills a day again instead of 10.

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Doctor’s Visit

Well I saw my Doctor yesterday and he is setting up an appointment to see a new Urologist. I also did the pee test for him at the lab and will know more by the end of the week. He didn’t want to give me any meds until he knew for sure that I needed them. He did refill all my other meds I need.

Sometimes I feel like a drug addict with all the pills I take. I don’t have that many, but it sure seems like it at times. They all do different things and I take them only when I need them. I only have one that I take daily. The others are when my daily pill doesn’t work. Does that make sense?

I’m actually trying something different with my pills. Normally I would take my greenies every morning and every evening, which I am doing, but I am adding in my tramacet every 4 hours, one pill to see if it relieves any of my bladder pain. So far it does seem to help. If you don’t have any kind of medical plan these pills will cost you an arm or a leg.

Anyways, my Doctor says I will probably need to get a cystoscopy done again since the last time I had it done was in 2004. I’ll find out once I see my new Urologist. He will probably want to do one. Its not fun. Lots of pain for a few days afterwards. We’ll see what happens.

So, this week will be me sitting around working on my blog, reading books, watching TV and not much more. I have to take it easy. My life is at a slow pace at the moment since doing anything strenuous can bring on a world of pain. Which I really don’t want to have.

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Today’s Stuff

As you can see by the way my blog has changed I am working on a new theme. It might be a few days before I find exactly what I am looking for. Please leave me comments if you like any of them.

As for me, well I am in pain once again. I have an appointment this afternoon with my Doctor. Hopefully he will be able to help me. I need him to refer me to a new Urologist since mine retired last week. Hope he knows of a younger one in town.

My IC has gotten to a point where I can’t control it anymore. I have gone back on my IC diet and eliminated some foods in hopes that it will help. Basically I’m low carbing it. Veggies and meat is about all I can eat. Anything acidic and I run screaming from the table.

Well I am off to see the Doc now. I’ll update more when I hear what he has to tell.

Health Show

I just saw this and thought of my family members that are into healthy living. It looks like it could be interesting. Its the Total Health Show at the Tradex Center in Abbotsford on March 28 &29. I looked at the list of exhibitors and I know of a few of the companies. I would say its worth going if you are into all this kind of stuff. I might go. I won’t buy anything there since it would probably all be too pricey. But I bet there will be a lot of free samples. It would be a good place to get a table and try to sell your own heath or beauthy products. If that is what you are into. Maybe Lucy should look into it?

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