I saw my new Urologist yesterday. He seems like a nice man. He is young , so I guess he will be around for a while. So we talked for a bit and I told him that I had gotten some antibiotics from my doctor and that they were helping. He gave me  another 3 days worth. Basically I had a very bad Urinary tract infection. I tell you it was not fun. I was starting to feel the pain in kidney area. Its a good thing it didn’t get that far. I’ve had kidney infections in the past and they are few painful.

Anyways, we decided to do nothing else for now. Don’t want to go poking around unless we really need to. I’ll try to get my IC under control again now that the infection is gone. All I need to do is watch what I eat and drink. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. If not, then I need to go see him again and he will take me in and put a scope in my bladder and take a peek.

So thats it! I am feeling so much better today. I almost feel human again.

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Pills, Pills and More Pills

So I went to see my doctor yesterday afternoon. I had to do something to help get rid of all the pain I have been having lately. A while back I thought I was just having a bad IC flare-up. So I saw the Doctor and did a urine test and Nothing showed. So I have just been taking my regular pills in hopes that the pain would go away. Well it didn’t. This past weekend I was is so much pain I could of ripped my bladder right out of my body.

I finally told Gregg that I needed to see the Doctor or go to the E.R. The pain was horrible. If you have ever had any kind of a burning pain when you pee, you understand what I mean. Now just triple that pain. I think giving birth was less painful.

I saw my Doctor at 4:30pm. I told him that I have a bacterial infection or maybe a bladder infection. He gave me a script and I went to the lab to do another urine test, it was 6pm before I got the first pill down. The pain lessened slightly at about 10pm, but I did take painkillers. This morning I am feeling  much better. I can actually pee without wanting to pass out from the pain. My back still hurts though.

Tomorrow I finally see my new Urologist. I hope he is well educated with IC. If not, I guess I will have to teach him a few things…lol.

Anyways, With all the pills and all the liquids I have been drinks I feel like a drunken beached whale sloshing around in waves. I think I am on my way to getting better. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. It would be nice to be down to 2 pills a day again instead of 10.

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Doctor’s Visit

Well I saw my Doctor yesterday and he is setting up an appointment to see a new Urologist. I also did the pee test for him at the lab and will know more by the end of the week. He didn’t want to give me any meds until he knew for sure that I needed them. He did refill all my other meds I need.

Sometimes I feel like a drug addict with all the pills I take. I don’t have that many, but it sure seems like it at times. They all do different things and I take them only when I need them. I only have one that I take daily. The others are when my daily pill doesn’t work. Does that make sense?

I’m actually trying something different with my pills. Normally I would take my greenies every morning and every evening, which I am doing, but I am adding in my tramacet every 4 hours, one pill to see if it relieves any of my bladder pain. So far it does seem to help. If you don’t have any kind of medical plan these pills will cost you an arm or a leg.

Anyways, my Doctor says I will probably need to get a cystoscopy done again since the last time I had it done was in 2004. I’ll find out once I see my new Urologist. He will probably want to do one. Its not fun. Lots of pain for a few days afterwards. We’ll see what happens.

So, this week will be me sitting around working on my blog, reading books, watching TV and not much more. I have to take it easy. My life is at a slow pace at the moment since doing anything strenuous can bring on a world of pain. Which I really don’t want to have.

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Today’s Stuff

As you can see by the way my blog has changed I am working on a new theme. It might be a few days before I find exactly what I am looking for. Please leave me comments if you like any of them.

As for me, well I am in pain once again. I have an appointment this afternoon with my Doctor. Hopefully he will be able to help me. I need him to refer me to a new Urologist since mine retired last week. Hope he knows of a younger one in town.

My IC has gotten to a point where I can’t control it anymore. I have gone back on my IC diet and eliminated some foods in hopes that it will help. Basically I’m low carbing it. Veggies and meat is about all I can eat. Anything acidic and I run screaming from the table.

Well I am off to see the Doc now. I’ll update more when I hear what he has to tell.

5 days

So its been 5 days now that I have my IC under control. I can only hope that this lasts for a while. If I’m careful and don’t eat or drink anything on my Bad list. I know 5 days doesn’t seem all that exciting to you “normal” folks. But those of us that suffer with IC look at 5 days as bliss.

I haven’t figured out what is that has changed. I stopped using the Dove body wash. I will try it tomorrow and see what happens. If my IC starts up again then I will know its the Dove soap.

I have to see the Dentist next Monday and I really dont want to be in pain for that. I will have to take it easy this week. Nothing else going on around here. Dippy is still living below us and so is his dog and girl. The weather has been crazy. Snow, rain, sunshine. I just want it to get over and done so that spring can get here. I need sunshine!

The diet is slow. I’m just sitting. I have 10 lbs to go and they just dont want to let go of me. Stupid fatty cells!

Crap! Stupid IC!

Ever since my IC flared up 3 weeks ago I can’t seem to get control of it. It went away for a couple days but then it was back and its been off and on. I feel ok when I get out of bed but by mid afternoon it seems to start up. I honestly don’t know what it is that is making me hurt?

I’m careful with my food and drinks. I’m not using any makeup or lotions. The only thing I can think of that I have changed is my body wash. I switched to Dove instead of Ivory cause it was on sale. Maybe that is what the problem is? I’ll put it aside for a few days and see if that helps.

This is so frustrating! I can’t do my yoga or do anything that will cause my back to get sore. As soon as my back hurts, my IC gets bad. All I can do right now is lay around. Even sitting in this chair for too long will make my body scream. I really wish there was a cure for IC. I hate it!

OK…let’s relax…calm down. Stress is the killer. No stress. I’m going to get over this. I’m lucky, my pain can be controlled. I just need to figure out what is causing it. So it’s either the Dove body wash or ? Or what? Food? Hmmm…

I think it’s time to go back on my allergy diet. It made a big difference the last time I did it. I had gone 6 months with no pain. I guess I’ll start it again. Not easy to do, but worth it.

Well, thanks for letting me vent….lol

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Face Creams

For the last 2 months I have been searching for a new face cream. I was using Olay Total Effects For the past year and really liked it, but ran out. I also noticed that my skin was looking a bit dull. So that’s why I was hunting for a new one.

Since I have picked Clinique as my makeup, I did look at getting their creams. I checked the ingredients and tons of reviews and for the most part their line of creams are good, but not what I was looking for. I then found out that Costco was selling a few different brands. I trust Costco with a lot of  brands they carry. Well, they have signed a deal with Borghese and have the “Costco Signature Borghese Collection. At Christmas time I had bought the makeup brush set and I just l love it. So I figured, it’s Costco, I can return it if I don’t like it, I bought the day cream.

After 3 weeks of using it, I returned it. Not that I didn’t like it. I really think its a great product, but it’s not for my type of skin. I have very oily skin and this actually made it worse. I had so much oil on my face it was producing blackheads and making my skin itchy. I didn’t get back to Costco right a way, so I ended up using a sample set from my Sister-in-law. She sells BeautiControl and swears by the stuff. I figured I would try it.I really wanted this stuff to work for me. It just doesn’t do it. My skin broke out with little white heads and was itchy and the fragrance wasn’t nice.I don’t want to say that this is a bad product, it just isn’t right for me.

Cause I have IC, I have to be so careful with the products I use. Using the set of samples from BeautiControl, my IC flareup with in 2 hours. I was not happy. I tried it for 2 more days and my IC got worse. The pain was horrible. I stopped using it and the pain was bearable. I took 4 days off from all products so I could get rid of this flareup I was having.

It finally went away. I got Gregg to take back the cream to Costco and told him to just grab me a bottle of the Olay again. I knew that I could handle that one and it would be ok with my IC. Instead, he calls me from Costco and says they have a new cream in stock and it was on special and asks if I want to try it. He told me it was Elizabeth Arden. I said sure. I’m such a sucker for a new product.

Well, I have been using it for over a week now. It has cleared up all the black heads and the whiteheads. No more itchy feeling. It’s cleared up all the problems from the other products I tried. Plus my skin feels soft and not greasy. It seems to be working well. The price was great. With the coupon it was under 30.00 for 2 jars. These will last for a year or so. It does have a very faint fragrance(which smells very nice), but its gone with in a few minutes. What I really like, it that its a very simple cream. It only has 6 ingredients in it. No extra crap added.


So I plan to use it for a while and see how my skin feels after a month. I have a feeling that this will become my regular cream. I’ll update in a month.

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Image by ___federico___ via Flickr

I finally talked to Colby. He has just been too busy to call. When I asked what he was doing, he said “not much”. LOL, ok so he hasn’t been too busy. He just never remembers to call me. Typical for a growing Boy. He wants to come down for a visit, but doesn’t want to miss out any work. He will try to come down for a weekend next month and I told him he has to come down for his Oma’s 75th Birthday in May.

What else? Oh, as you know Gregg and I went to Matt & Bree’s for dinner on Sunday. We had a very nice time. dinner was good and I brought over some leftover Christmas baking that I had in the freezer for dessert. Their place may be small, but they have it organized well. I guess its our turn to have them here for dinner soon.

As for me, I have spent all yesterday afternoon and still now in a bad IC flare-up. I had a a rough night with all the pain. Even been doubling my meds. I’m not sure why it has started up. I think it might be either the ice tea I have been drinking too much of, or the new lotion I have been using, or just the stress of wondering where and what Colby was doing. Well I don’t have to worry about Colby, he is fine.  I’m not drinking any more iced tea and the lotion was returned to the store yesterday. Now I just wait for the flare-up to stop. This could take hours or weeks.

On a happier note…. I have lost a total of 5lbs this month. Gregg has lost 8lbs. Slowly going down for both of us. 🙂

Happy Thoughts

Well yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Gregg and I didn’t do much. Since money is tight we had a nice dinner at home instead of wasting 100.00 at a restaurant. I made arrachera for our dinner, Gregg grilled it. It turned out pretty good, but it was a bit chewy. I think that I will have to beat the crap out of it the next time. The spices tasted good. We added a salad and a baguette.

Before our dinner I had to go see my dentist yet again. I am having problems with one tooth out of the 4 that I had veneers done on. Its amazing how much you really use your front teeth. Even when you are chewing with your molars you still use your front ones. Anyways, I have to get a root canal done. I’ll be going in on March 16th. I will be doing oral sedation again. Why? Well, I need to have a small filling replaced and I need a cleaning. Since I have such a low tolerance for any kind of pain in my mouth its better for me to be doped up. Plus I have the T.M.J. problems and I can’t keep my mouth open for 3 hours. I really don’t want to bite my dentist.

At least the root canal and cleaning are covered by medical. I will have to pay for the sedation which costs about 325.00. Its not that much when you think about it. I’m getting everything done in one sitting instead of having to come back for more visits. After this is all done I will just have to get my night guard made and then do a cleaning once a year. The night guard might have to wait. Medical won’t cover it and I think the whole cost will be close to 500.00. After all that with the dentist, my IC started up. That little bit of stress, thinking about the money and the dental work and what all I will have to do, actually stressed me enough to put me in pain.

So until then its all about the happy thoughts. Happy that I will be free of this tooth pain soon. Happy that is won’t cost too much. What else? Happy that I am feeling better today. The IC is better , but not gone. I had to take my pills yesterday and this morning too. I’m happy its sunny outside. Even though it’s cold. I’m happy I have a comfy bed to go climb into when I am done with this post.

And now I am done!

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