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I have been a member of a site called “3 Fat Chicks” for a few years now. Back when Gregg and I first started the “L.A. Weight loss” program. Well, Gregg was on it and I followed him. Paying for 2 people was just silly. As we started the diet we looked for online help also. 3 Fat Chicks was one of the first sites I landed on.

I have joined many others, but never found everything I needed. 3 Fat Chicks has it all. No matter what diet you are trying or maybe you are just looking for some healthy recipes, this is a great place to start. You might even find a friend or two.

Go take a look! Look in the forums to find what you need. The main home page has a lot of drop down lists to search through. I think you will all find something to help you in some way.

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Prelief- IC

I just want to tell all the IC’er’s out there that this stuff helps….a lot! I actually forget to take these little tablets, but when I do, it makes a huge difference. Preleif has really helped me a lot in the past. I just need to remember to keep it with me and use it.

Seriously, buy some and see if it helps you prevent pain. It is suppose to help neutralize acids in any foods or drinks you may want to eat. Take 2-4 tabs before you start to eat or drink. It really helps when you want to have some wine or spicy foods.

I think I got out of the habit of using it because I was doing good and hadn’t had a flare-up in a while. I’m back on it again. I have been having pain off and on for about 3 months now. I know why too. Since Dad died in June, I have been having flare ups a lot more. Stress.

I don’t think you can get it in Canada yet. I slip across the line and grab it at any drug store or Walmart. Costco might have too. The guy who makes this also made Beano and “Lactaid Milk” But he has sold those parts of the company. We have Beano in our home all the time. It does wonders for those dinners with a lot of onions. You know what I mean…..LOL.

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Mineral Makeup – Second Samples

Natural ultramarine.

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This morning I made my second order of samples from a company Here in BC. Its called “Natrual Beauty Canada“. They have only the main mineral ingredients that I am looking for. No extra junk added. I should be getting my samples by the end of the week. I will keep you updated.

I am looking at 2 more companies also from Canada. I will probably be ordering samples later today.

Here is a list of all the bad ingredients that you don’t want in your mineral makeup. If it has organics in it, this is when you get bacteria growth and expiration dates.


Talc: is similar to asbestos in structure and has been linked to respiratory diseases, and can easily be contaminated. Although talc is a natural mineral, and can be purchased in fine grades which do not pose any risks, most choose to avoid it. In addition, there’s some evidence that it can permanently stretch pore walls! The main ingredient in most “powder” makeup is talc.

Bismuth Oxychloride: This is a mineral that is found in most of the mainstream mineral cosmetic companies. It imparts a very shiny finish, which may be desirable to some people, but it can be an irritant to certain skin types.

Synthetic Colors: are used to create colors that are impossible to create with natural minerals. They will be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 / D&C Green No. 6. Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing agents.

Synthetic Preservatives: such as the parabens or urea. Mineral cosmetics are inorganic pigments with no liquid or oils added; therefore they do not need preservation. They are basically crushed rocks that have been in the earth since creation.

Carmine: (found in lipsticks, glosses blushes, and eye shadow) This bright pink/red extract from the carmine beetle in South America, has been connected to heart problems. Obviously, it is not a mineral!

Cornstarch: Completely natural, but used as a filler, less product. Is a vegetable starch and has a shelf life. It does then have an expiration date.


Titanium Dioxide: is a white colored inorganic salt that is produced as a white powder. This non-irritating ingredient is also a broad spectrum UV absorber. It is used as a main ingredient in mineral cosmetics due to its ability to produce good coverage and adhesion.

Zinc Oxide: is another white powder that is used as a natural sun-block, astringent, and antiseptic. This mineral sooth’s and heals irritated skin, making your product great for acne prone or sensitive skin.

Sericite Mica: is a white, silky, shiny pigment derived from a fine crystalline clay mineral. It provides medium coverage, good spreadability and a smooth texture when applied to the skin.

Red and Yellow Iron Oxides: are purified iron salts. They are used as the main ingredients to pigment your foundation.

Ultramarine Blue: is a clay that has been heated to a high temperature. Discovered by the Egyptians, this mineral is used to balance the warm pigments in your foundation formula.

Mica: is a reflective mineral which is used in foundation formulas to add dimension and sheen, making your skin look “alive”. Mica is also used in shadows, and blush to provide a satin finish. Most only use which are coated with natural minerals as opposed to dyes, lakes and carmine.

Silica Microspheres: Because of the size and shape of this mineral, it has the ability to diminish the look of fine lines on the skin, giving it a soft focus effect. Because the particles are round, they produce a ball bearing effect, which imparts the finished product with a silky elegant texture, enhanced slip and better blendablity providing a “cream to powder” texture. For those concerned, silica is not crystalline/amorphous hydrated silica.

Boron Nitride: Boron Nitride is a soft, silky white mineral powder that is said to have anti-bacterial properties. It is used as an additive to improve the “slip” of a product (how smoothly the product applies) as well as “adhesion” (how long it stays on the skin).

Calcium Carbonate: is found in chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. Even eggshells are 95% calcium carbonate! Calcium Carbonate’s main function is to absorbs moisture.

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I have been searching all over the Internet for a few days now for “make-up Palettes”. When I do, I seem to always end up at Sephora. I have found some others but nothing that is as good as Sephora. So I think I have narrowed my choices down to a few items that I might be ordering soon.

First off, I am looking for a palette that is small enough to keep in my smallest purse but also easy for traveling. It needs the right colors, which it hard to find since I go for the purples. I want to have both eye shadows and blushes in the palette. Having lip gloss isn’t needed cause I have my favorite lipsticks that I am never with out. That also goes for my mascara and liners. I also have to make sure that the product is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and oil free.

Another point to make here is that I am moving up in my make-up. I’m tired of trying drug store brands and hunting for the right product, but its more than that. I want a good brand. Not the cheap crap that high school girls wear. I need quality. I’m getting older and my skin has changed. No more buying crap. 🙂

Here is the list that I have made so far.

  1. Lorac CD2 I like this one for the size. The colors are ok too, but it does have lip gloss that I dont need.
  2. POP Beauty Now this old has all the colors that look good for me, but I would like brighter color.
  3. POP Beauty This one has all the bright colors but no blush.
  4. Sephora Brand This one has it all. I think I might buy this one.
  5. Tarte This looks like it might work.

Has anyone tried any of these? Or maybe you have a brand that you can suggest? I would love to have some feed back on different brands.

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Make up Palettes

I am on the hunt for a make up palette. I was given one, years ago as a Christmas gift and I just started using it again. Its one from Elizabeth Arden that has eye shadows and blush. I’m looking for something similar. I want one that fits into my smallest purse and is easy to take with for traveling.

I just can’t seem to find any at the moment in the stores. Maybe I’m not looking in the right stores? I just know that I cant find them out here in Abbotsford. I’m wondering if its worth it to head across the border to Bellingham and see if I can find some there.

This just a sample. There are others.

Well you get the idea. Its an all-in-one type a deal. Maybe they only come out at Christmas time? I have also been wondering if it would be better to order online? Through a store like “Sephora“? I know they have a ton of stuff, but it depends on what brand I want. I guess I need to do a bit more reading reviews before I decide on anything.

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Eat Fraser Valley Show

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

We had a great day. We left home and picked up Mom at noon and headed to the Tradex Center. Once there we found parking which was 3.00 on the way out later. We walked in and our sniffers were hit with all kinds of goodness.

As we came through the main gate we grabbed a bag for all our goodies. We started to walk around and looked at all the different cooking supplies and foods and drinks you could buy. There were lots of products to look at. Some stands had samples to taste.

After going through all the vendors we headed for the food and drink section. We had to buy tickets to use for buying samples. 2 tickets would get you an once of wine. 5-8 tickets would get you some type of food.

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

I found a beer I really liked. Its made from rice. It was very smooth and tasty. I will be picking some up soon.

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

Gregg watched Bob Blumer “the Surreal Gourmet” make grilled pizza. We both thought it was funny since we already do it at home on our bbq. Its one of the best ways to cook pizza.

I also found a new wine that I must try again. Its made by “Lotusland Vineyards” right here in Abbotsford! The wine is a new creation called “Ortega”. Its a white wine. It was so yummy I could drink it every day. I will put this on my Christmas list.

My Sister and her hubby showed up half way through the afternoon. When it was time to leave they took Mom with them and headed to my Niece’s place in Langley for a coffee. Gregg and I headed home.

Eat! Fraser Valley Schwag

Once we were home, I sorted out all the stuff in my goodie bag. Check out all the swag! Lots of cat food samples. Baby likes them, but Bunny thinks that Duck flavored food is not yummy. I got recipes and coupons and the V8 fusion plus the razors were being given away at the door as you left. I tried out the razor and must say I like it. It would be a good thing to take with for traveling.

So, all in all, I think it was a nice day. We all had a good time.

P.S. Sorry this is a week late. I was waiting for Gregg to edit the pictures.

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Tooth Art

With all the dental work Gregg and I have had over the last few years I figured I would do a post about Tooth Art. I noticed on a tattoo blog that a girl had bling in her mouth so I googles “tooth art”. I was surpised at what people will do.

There are different types of art you can put on your teeth. First there are decals. You can buy them online and put them on yourself or see a dentist. This would be the safest since the decals last about 24hours. You can also get gems glued in and they last up to 8 months.

Then there are Crowns. You can have an artist do a picture on a crown. I like this idea, but I do like the decals better. Gives more variety.

There are many other sites to check out if you are looking for Tooth Jewelry.  Here is a site that lets you try a few different gold pieces. I would like one of these.

At this site you can buy a home kit. I would like this one. If I get one I’ll do a full review on it with video instructions and pictures. They seem simple enough to use. I’ll be seeing my dentist on the 29th so I will ask him what he thinks about doing them. I dont want to damage my new teeth.

I think a tiny purpledragonfly on my tooth would look kinda cute.:)


Found this player yesterday and played with it all day. Very easy to use. Just pick the era and the type of music you like and then pick a mood. It will start to play songs. It has a very large collection. If you sign up you can look at your favorites list and see everything that you have listened to.


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