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Well, Jackson is no longer with us. He has been given to Yuana the person that runs the rescue society. He got sick again this time we just didnt know what to do. So she came to see him and ended up taking him home. It looks like he will have some long term health issues. She thinks he has IBS and possibly pancreatic . Hopefully she will get him on the right track and be able to adopt him out to a forever home that will take the time to learn what he needs.

On to other news…

The low carb (LC) diet is starting to work! The first 2 weeks were a bit slow, but now we are into it and enjoying the food. It was a bit hard to let go of all the bread and pastas. Our main foods are meat, veggies and eggs. I am down to 149lbs. I know its only 3lbs but that’s a lot for me since I dont have much to loose. Not sure what Gregg has lost since he wont weigh in 😛

Now, last night I went through some stuff and I found some more Gordon clan stuff. Will it ever end? LOL I think this is the last of it, but I’m not sure! I’m still looking for all of the slides from Gregg’s dad. I know they are here! Anyways, I have the family bible. It’s old! 1893. WOW!

Family Bible

Family Bible

Family Bible


Family Bible

This was the topper. Births, marriages, and deaths. There are wills too.


I have to thank Gregg’s Aunt Jesse for saving all of this information. She went to great lengths to find it all. This is only the tip of the iceberg! I have boxes of papers. My only problem is, who to give it to next?


Low Carb Eating


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Well, today Gregg and I are starting a low carb eating plan. I dont really want to say diet since this will not be just for weight loss.I realize that I cant eat most wheat based foods and eating low carb will become more of a live style for me. So I am taking Gregg along with me for the ride…lol. There will be some major changes to the way we eat. Especially at family functions. No more baked goodies. No breads, some fruit but mostly just berries. Low carb is more about vegies and meat.

We tried the Atkins diet many years ago and it did work, but this time I am going to go more of atkins/south beach style. I am doomed to fail is I have only 20 carbs a day. This week it will still be a bit higher since there are some foods that need to be eaten first. There is no way I am throwing out food.

Eating low carb will also make me feel better by leaving out my allergy foods. Which is mainly starches and grains. No wheat, corn, potatoes or rice. As for fruit, well I already know that apples, bananas and oranges dont agree with me. I do have a weakness for summer fruits like watermelon and berries, but I can eat those on CL since they are lower in carbs. I dont have a problem eating my greens, I love vegies. Meat, easy, love meat too.

I’m sure Gregg and I will adjust to this way of eating over the next few weeks. I know my starting weight isnt that high, but Gregg has gained some back again. Not sure how much and if he would want me to post it here. I have kept most of my weight off that I lost a few years ago. Tho I had started out at 175lbs I am now at 152. I want to be around 135 if I can, but 140 is fine too. It would be great to see Gregg at 200lbs, but I think it will take some time to get him there.

With the nice weather starting, we will be going for walks in the evenings and I have many Wii games for us to play. Latest addition is Zumba and Just Dance 2. I plan to try them out this afternoon. As long as my back is feeling up for it.

I will try to do a weekly update. Maybe even start a new page to post LC recipes and post our weekly weigh in. Might help keep us on track better.

Dieting Again

Gregg and I are back on the low carb diet. I need a break from all the carby foods we have been eating. I haven’t really gained any weight only about 3lbs. Which is fine, I just worry that Gregg might gain too much and he tries so hard not to indulge.

So that’s it! We are low carbing it until Christmas. Not too low. About 20-50 carbs a day. I don’t want us to starve! We will be following the south beach plan, more or less. Low carbing is actually very easy. No rules really. All you need to do is cut out all the “white” foods.

Stop eating white flour. So, no more white breads, no crackers and no more baked goodies. Cut back on fruit and have berries. Eat lots of veggies, but not the starchy ones like potatoes and corn. Rice is ok as long as its brown. No milk, which I don’t drink any ways.You can eat as much meat as you want, but I try to stay with normal portions. Cheese is good too. And you can have real butter and cream.

That’s about it. Pretty simple. Just need to read labels and make sure the carb count is low and if the fiber is high that is great. You can subtract the fiber from the carb count.

The best part I like about low carb, my tummy feels better. Not so bloated anymore. I guess we’ll see if it works. Last time we didn’t stick to it cause there was too much going on. I hope we can this time.

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