Make A Bag – MMC

My sister does volunteer work at MCC. She was telling me about this sewing project and I thought “well, I can do that”. I admit I’m not the best seamstress but I try.

It’s a simple sewing project. School bags  For needy children. I got some fabrics from my sister. Some were pre-cut so I started one today. I made a few mistakes but now I know what it was I did wrong and can fix it with the next bag.

I saw it when I ironed the edges that the fabric wasn’t cut perfectly, but I didn’t fix it. That’s where I went wrong.


A draw string is going in at the top.


Very uneven.


I doubled my stitch cause I wasn’t happy with just one. But it doesn’t look very nice.


I’ll do better on the next one. Measure and cut before I do anything. The fabric wasn’t cut to the right size. Always learning  🙂

So this is the second one. What is wrong here? I did cut the right size and its fine but the stitch??


Maybe this inst the project for me? 🙁 To be honest, I could make these so much easier if I didn’t have to make this edging. Or used a different stitch. I am giving up for today. Can’t sew until I find out what I am doing wrong.