Mom’s Birthday Video

This is the video I made for my Mom's 75th Birthday last month. I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't get to fix the photos I used as well as I wanted. It still turned out good.

Mom’s 75th Birthday

I finally have a day to relax. I have been so busy this week. My sister and I and with some help from the other women in the family planned a 75th birthday party for our Mom. It was quite a task. There was food to bake and cook. There was the setting up of... Continue Reading →

Ikea with Mom

This past Saturday I woke up feeling really good. What I mean is, I felt normal for the first time in months. Usually when I wake up I sit on the edge of my bed and wait for my brain and eyes to settle and see what kind of day it will be. Well, turns... Continue Reading →

Fun With Family

I wasnt really planning on going anywhere today. I did talk to mom last night about getting out to buy a gift for Gregg's 40th birthday this friday, but we didnt have any set plans. This morning mom called and said let's go! So my sister Waltrude picked up mom and then stopped here and... Continue Reading →

Nommy’s At Mom’s

Gregg and I headed over to help mom move the mattresses into the other room this morning. She bought new ones last week and I am so jealous! I want the new ones, heck I would even take the old ones.LOL. So we stayed for lunch. We had Borscht and buns...nommmy! I love it. We... Continue Reading →

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