It’s True!

Yes! It really did happen. Our neighbors below us are gone. There is no more Dippy! Woohooo! There has been a lot of work going on down there but its empty. Not sure if they are selling or if some other family member will be moving in. As long as the new people dont smoke and if they have a dog, they clean up after him and keep him quiet, I’ll be very happy.

It has been very peaceful around here this past month. So nice not smelling dog shit and pot smoke. I love my home again. I’m getting excited about using my sundeck this summer. This weekend is our turn to clean our deck. Every year each floor gets to clean their decks. We get the pressure washer out and clean winter off. Its surprising how dirty everything can get.

Once its clean and dry I can put out all my lights and patio stuff. Maybe have people over for bbq’s this year. Would be nice. We didnt have anyone over for dinners last summer because of the dog shit smell. But now we can 🙂

Anyways, I am starting a few new craft projects. I have set up my sewing machine and rearranged the eating area so I have more room to work in there. Since Gregg and I hardly ever use the kitchen table its no big deal if  I use it for my crafts. We usually end up eating in the living room and watching TV.

I will post pics of my projects as I do them. Off I go!

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Things are A Changing

Well, I have some good news, I think. Last week on March 31, I heard a lot of noise in the Suite below us. It sounded like things getting moved or thrown around. I figured it was just Dippy acting up again. I was wrong! The next day it was deathly quiet. This calm went on all week. Maybe they are on holidays? Nope. They have moved!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh the joy that is running through my body is indescribable! The day that I have waited for has finally come. There has been noise down there, but it sounds like a cleaning crew or painters. I bet there is a lot of things that will need repairing. I can just imagine how many holes in walls and doors that have to be filled.

Anyways, that’s the good news. The bad news is that we have no idea who will be moving in. The strata council has limited the amount of rental units to 5 and all the spots are taken. So this means that only a family member like husband, wife, children or grandparents can move in. No other family beyond that. As far as we know, there are the 2 boys, Dippy and his brother and the mom and grandma. I don’t think any of them will be moving in. Unless they haven’t moved and are just repainting? That would suck!

I hope that if they sell it, and it goes to nice non-smoking people. Kid-less would be good too.  I can finally enjoy my sun deck this summer. Maybe even sit out there for hours and not smell pot or dog shit! I might just have to have a party!

Slow Pace

This week is a bit slow. I’ve been home doing my workouts and house work and crap like that. So nothing new. Making sure Gregg and I stick to our diet plan. I’m slowly losing weight and Gregg is too. It’s better to take it off slowly anyways. Too fast and it will just come back twice as much. I have noticed a difference in my waist since I started doing yoga. Its getting a bit tighter. Which makes me happy. I really like my Wii Fit. It’s really easy to use and I like that it keeps track for me. I think Mom should get one. I bet she would love it.

What else? Survivor started last week and so did Amazing Race. Both are shows that Gregg and I watch together. We like to pick apart the shows and say that we could do better…lol. I have other shows I watch while Gregg does his homework. Lost is back on too so I’ve been watching it. Waiting for Prison Break to start in April.

I did hear a rumor… Dippy might be moving soon. I can only hope and pray that it really is true and will happen before summer is here. Supposedly, he has been approved for a mortgage and is looking for a place in Chilliwack. If this is true, I hope that they sell the condo to some nice older people with no kids.

Oh,  Matthew and Bree have moved into their new condo and they have invited us for dinner this Sunday. This will be a first. I’ve offered to bring dessert, just have to figure out what to make. I’m looking at low calorie recipes today.

Well, that’s whats happening around here.

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Update on The Neighbours

As you all know Gregg and I live in a condo and we have Strata rules that must be followed. One of these rules is that you may have pets, 1 dog not over 25lbs  or you can have a cat. Anyways, our neighbor under us, you remember him right? Dippy is what I named him. He has a dog. The dog is cute and all that, but she is about 50lbs and she actually scares the people in the building cause she has pitbull in her.

Now, I love Pitbulls. I’m not afraid of them unless the owner has trained them to be mean. I used to breed them long time ago. So I know what the breed is all about. Well, Dippy has been fighting strata on wheather he can keep the dog or not. There was a strata meeting and we were all given the minutes so that we know what is going on. The decision has been made.

The way I understand it, he has 30 days to get rid of the dog and clean up all the dog poop on his patio. If he doesn’t do this he will be getting fines until he does do it. I am hoping that he loves his dog so much that he will move out and that means Squeaky(his girlfriend) will also be gone! YIPPEE!

I am hoping that if they move, the condo will be sold to some better people. We allow rentals in the building, but only 5 suites and those spots are all taken. It sure will be nice to sit on our deck this summer and not smell dog poop. Hopefully he will be gone and we won’t smell pot anymore too.

I guess we will see what happens in a month. I’ll update again then.

Can I Just Say…

Hoverflies (Melangyna viridiceps) mating in mi...

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That I HATE my neighbor’s!!!!! Seriously! AAArrrUUUgggHHH!!!!

I have done nothing! I am cleaning today. Doing the laundry and I plan to vacuum in a while. Dippy yelled from below “Do you have to walk so loud?” What???? Really?!!! I walk as softly as I can. I make sure I don’t walk heavy since we are on the second floor. I know he is under me. Moron!

Anyways, now I get the disgusting pleasure of listening to him have sex with his girlfriend. I can handle sex noises, but not this girl. For love of everything purple! Make her stop! She squeaks and squeals  the whole time. She sounds like a damn squeaky toy for dogs! Imagine this… she says “no” all the time in a high pitched voice and then add the squeaking and squealing yelps in between.

I’m truely going insane!!!

I think I will go run the vacuum now…and do a bit extra in the bedroom.

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Nothing to blog today

fog & cloud

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I’m a bit blah today. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something to blog about and I keep coming up blank. So I guess I will babble a bit.

I think I am finally over the flu. Gregg is still coughing a little. We had my cousin Doug’s funeral yesterday. It was a beautiful service. Bagpipes and all. Every sad, but happy he is at peace and no more pain.

Oh, I got a Wii console for my birthday. Plus Wii Fit. I had been wanting one ever since I tried it at my brother’s house. I dropped hints for a month! LOL.. I guess Gregg finally got it for me so I would shut up. So now Gregg has figured out a way to get free games. Its great having a geeky hubby!  We played Wii Music last night and had a few good laughs.

What else? Oh yeah, at 1:30am Dippy came home and I guess he was drunk. He was yelling and punching walls and kicking what ever was in his way. We put up with it for about 20 minutes, but when I heard his girlfriend start saying “no! stop it!” I had enough and called the police. I will NOT put up with that type of shit. I can handle most of the other crap Dippy does, but not that.

Listening to him last night brought the memories rushing back. Its like reliving life with Bob. I hate it! I try so hard to not think about all that shit that happened with him and then Dippy has to bring it all back. I wish Dippy would move.

Anyways, Gregg and I finally got back to sleep after an hour or so. We had to let the police in. After they left it was quiet again and has been since. It wont be the end. Dippy will act up and he will get drunk and rip his place apart again. I wonder how many holes he has punched into the walls down there?

I am off to Wii. Have a new game to try! 🙂

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Aches and Pains

I havent been blogging much lately cause I have been taking a lot of painkillers. My mouth is constantly hurting. The 4 top front teeth I had fixed are much better now but it seems that all that work has aggravated the rest of my mouth. I am not able to eat anything too hot or too cold or hard. Its really becoming frustrating. I’ll see if gets any better over the weekend and if not, I will call my dentist on tuesday.

My Doctor’s office called and my doctor wants to see me on tuesday. Didnt say why but I assume its about the M.R.I. I had last week. Cant see what else it would be. I wonder what the results are? I hope I dont need to have surgery yet again. I can tell you that I am sick and tired of doctors, hospitals, operations and just getting poked and prodded. I would love to be normal…lol…yeah, right. I would give anything to not have to take pills every day. Oh well, such is life!

On the home front…. Dippy has lost his dog again. He decided to go out for the day and left the poor dog on the patio with nothing to do. So doggy crapped every where and then found a hole in the fence to escape. He is out hunting for his dog. I hope that the dog runs away and finds a new home. Some where it will be taken care of better. He cant really go anywhere. the common area is all fenced in so most likely the dog is in someones home on the first floor. Dippy just has to go knock on doors.

Argifair this weekend. Might go check it out tomorrow.